Azera: Iron Heart Launches In Korea

Webzen's mobile adaptation of PC MMORPG Azera, Azera: Iron Heart, has officially gone live in Korea. Players can now jump into the game, choose one of three classes, do chain attacks, and take part in massive PvP battles. They can even transform into a mech of sorts and do battle in that form. Azera: Iron Heart is also part of [...]

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EverQuest Gets New Planes Of Power-Locked Progression Server Agnarr

Daybreak Games launched a new EverQuest progression server called "Agnarr" yesterday and this one is a bit different than the others. Whereas the other progression servers would slowly progress through all eras of EverQuest, Agnarr will only progress as far as the Planes of Power era, specifically Lost Dungeons of Norrath, before becoming permanently progress-locked. This effectively creates a Planes [...]

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Wild West Online Devs Reiterate Why They Chose The Nightshade Engine

Yesterday, we reported on drama that was unfolding in the Wild West Online community following the discovery that the game was using Free Reign Entertainment's Nightshade Engine. To recap, the drama basically revolved around questions about whether the developers' choice of engine meant that Sergey Titov, the man behind games like The War Z, Romero's Aftermath, and Shattered Skies, was, [...]

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