ARK: Survival Evolved Gets Underwater Caves On Consoles


ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253 went live on Xbox One yesterday and PlayStation 4 today, bringing with it "two full-scale underwater caves that are progression-oriented with artifacts" and five new creatures. Within the underwater caves, you will find giant squids like the one seen above and other terrifying underwater creatures. The new creatures introduced include the "Cnidaria Omnimorph," which is [...]

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MOBA/RTS Hybrid Dropzone To Launch On Steam Early Access Mid-February


It's been almost a year since Gameforge and Sparkypants, a startup founded by ex-Big Huge Games developers, announced their MOBA/RTS hybrid Dropzone. In that time, the game has gone through several phases of Closed Beta and seen further development. Today, the companies announced that, "in response to player feedback," the most recent Closed Beta will be ending today and the [...]

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Galactic Junk League Launches On Steam Early Access


As was previously announced, Pixel Federation's build-and-fight vehicular combat game, Galactic Junk League, launched on Steam Early Access today. The Steam Early Access launch comes with "a major update" that introduces 24 new pre-designed ships, 7v7 battles, new Steelseries ship parts, improved matchmaking, a reworked UI, and more. Galactic Junk League is available now on Steam Early Access as a free-to-play [...]

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