Lost Ark Is Rolling Out March’s The Art Of War Update Early Tomorrow Morning

lost ark art of war update key art

Lost Ark’s big March update, aptly-named The Art of War, comes out tomorrow with the new 96-player Tulubik Battlefield realm vs. realm mode in tow along with the new Artist class.

As Amazon previously revealed, the Tulubik Battlefield is a faction-based 48v48 PvP instance that will pit players against each other for control of the continent of Rowen and its precious resources. Players will choose to fight for either the Preigelli or Liebertane faction and will be rewarded with Faction XP to progress through 15 Faction Ranks as well as Sylmael Crystals that they can exchange for item rewards.

“Sylmael Crystals once made Rowen a prosperous continent. Now, that same precious resource only brings pandemonium. The war-torn land is divided into two conflicting Factions — Preigelli and Liebertane. The machine-loving mercenaries of Preigelli fight for a society with strict rules, while the pirates and mages of Liebertane pursue a lawless land. Rowen may have temporarily been forgotten from Arkesia’s history, but one of these Factions will always be remembered as the victor at Tulubik Battlefield.”

As for the Artist class, she’ll be making her in-game debut with her giant paintbrush and a few changes to her outfit to appease western tastes (otherwise known as censorship). The patch notes are now up if you want to dive into the details before the update officially goes live after the maintenance downtime scheduled for 12 a.m. PDT tonight.

Lost Ark: Artist Class Spring 2023