Latest MapleStory M Update Introduces The Buccaneer And Marksman Explorer Classes

maplestory m buccaneer marksman banner

Nexon has just released a major update for their mobile fantasy MMORPG MapleStory M. The update introduces two new Explorers into the game: the Buccaneer and the Marksman, along with a new Expedition Boss. “The all-new Buccaneer Explorer allows players to engage in thrilling close combat with overpowering charged up attacks. Meanwhile, the Marksman Explorer is lethal with its crossbow [...]

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Indie Developer Mantisco Announces ARPG Battle Royale Hybrid - Hunter’s Arena: Legends

hunters arena hunter group

Independent Korean developer Mantisco has just announced a new ARPG Battle Royale hybrid game called Hunter’s Arena: Legends in a press release earlier today. Hunter’s Arena promises a unique PvPvE experience featuring fast-paced melee combat, action RPG elements, and a unique PvE-centric progression combined with the adrenaline-pumping action of a Battle Royale game. “Hunter’s Arena’s main mode is RPG Royale [...]

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Blizzard: Elite NPC Damage In World Of Warcraft Classic The Same As It Was In The Original

world of warcraft rhahkzor elite

Now that players have had the chance to test the waters in World of Warcraft Classic, there’s been a lot of complaints of Elite monsters being “easier than they remember,” that the current Elite NPC damage values were “way off,” and that Rhahk’zor the Elite Ogre in the Deadmines was dealing a lot less damage than before. In response, Blizzard [...]

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World Of Warcraft Previews Gnome And Tauren Heritage Armor Sets Coming With The Rise Of Azhara Update

world of warcraft heritage armor banner

All eyes may be on World of Warcraft Classic right now but Blizzard Entertainment is giving the original World of Warcraft a moment in the spotlight with a preview of the new Heritage Armor sets for Gnomes and Tauren. The Heritage Armor questline will be part of the upcoming Patch 8.2 a.k.a. the Rise of Azhara update. “Players with maximum-level [...]

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Black Desert Online Rolls Out Underwater Ruins Expansion And Teases Upcoming Blackstar Weapons

black desert online shark costume

Black Desert Online dives deep underwater as the Underwater Ruins expansion hits servers today. The expansion features three new underwater areas to explore: Protty Cave, Sycraia Upper Zone, and Sycraia Abyssal Zone, new monsters, and new loot. Players can also participate in the Call of the Ocean event for a chance to acquire rare rewards. The event runs from today [...]

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