Wurm Online Says Recent Elevation And Launcher Changes Were A Success, Annual Summer Friend-A-Long Event Now Live

wurm online horse statue banner

Earlier this month, Code Club introduced a number of major changes to Wurm Online including a server reset, a revamped Elevation Map, and an updated launcher. The team has been evaluating these changes over the past weeks and, according to a forum post last Friday, everything’s running perfectly. “The elevation reset has seen a lot of action and plenty of [...]

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Warframe Pushes For 1M Twitch Followers, Promises 'Special Celebration' When They Reach The Milestone

warframe 1m twitch follower campaign banner

Digital Extremes is currently pushing to reach 1 million followers on the Warframe Twitch channel promising a special celebration once they reach the 1 million mark. The follower count jumped by over 100,000 followers following the recently concluded TennoCon 2019 which brings the current number up to nearly 950,000 followers. “When we hit 1 million followers, we are planning on [...]

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New ‘Plane-Cation Chronicles’ Story Event Will Go Live In Magic: The Gathering Arena On July 28th

magic the gathering arena plane cation banner

Magic: The Gathering Arena will be running a new story event starting July 28th through August 27th called Plane-Cation Chronicles. Plane-Cation is the second installment of the “Chronicles” event series which debuted back in May with War of the Chronicles and follows the same format as its predecessor albeit with a few differences. The length of the event and the [...]

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Life Is Feudal: MMO Is Now Free-To-Play, New Players Get 3 Days Of Premium Free

life is feudal horseback ridge

When Bitbox’s medieval sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal: MMO came out on Steam Early Access last year players had to pay a hefty price to leave the game’s newbie starting zone and start adventuring. But earlier this week, the game officially transitioned to a free-to-play model which will give everyone the chance to explore the massive medieval world of Godenland [...]

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