MU Origin Update 2.1 Is Now Live With The New Jewel Crafting And Holy Shield Feature

mu origin 2 classes divinerWebzen has just introduced a host of new “sacred” content into MU Origin 2 with the release of Update 2.1 for the mobile MMORPG. The update features the new Holy Shield ability which should help players survive longer during PvP engagements.

“[. . .] The Holy Shield which unlocks after reaching level 320 and after completing the Swamp of Death quest. It applies while in PvP combat and absorbs some of the damage an opponent inflicts if there is power in the gauge. Once the Holy Shield power bar runs out, the effect will be lost until it is recharged.”

Players can also unlock the Divine Tower where they can gain the experience and materials needed to improve their Holy Shield. In addition, the update also brings with it the new Jewel Craft feature along with the new Relation system, Flower Gifts, the new Devantaar map, additional Infinite Tower floors, and new servers.

To celebrate the launch of Update 2.1, Webzen will be holding special in-game events including collection events, log-in rewards, spending rewards, and more. Abyss Season 4 will also be running from now until December 2nd. During the event, players will be able to collect Abyss Coins by killing monsters and exchange them for rare Abyss Costumes.

Watch the official update trailer below.