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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is an apocalyptic first-person shooter with heavy emphasis on cooperative play. Players must fend off waves of “zeds” (Zombies) across a variety of maps using an assortment of weapons, equipment, and passive skills.

Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Playerbase: High
Type: MMO Shooter
Release Date: April 21, 2015
Pros: +Polished graphics and fluid gameplay. +Good variety of weapons. +Fast paced fun combat. +Leveling system
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Imbalanced matchmaking.



Killing Floor 2 Overview

Killing Floor 2 is a lobby-based first-person shooter developed by Tripwire Interactive and the sequel to the 2009 game Killing Floor. Continental Europe is paralyzed by the zed outbreak—communications, governments, and military forces have collapsed. A variety of maps place players in the midst of the apocalypse. Society’s destruction has transformed city streets into tight corridors. As a survivor, players equip themselves with melee weapons and firearms to combat waves of zombies. Cooperation is key to survival as players can be quickly overrun if their teammates aren’t surveying every direction of the battlefield. Each subsequent wave of zombies is more challenging than the last and introduces new enemy types. As players kill zeds, they allot money and experience points that can be spent on new gear and skills. The final zed wave culminates in an MMO stylized boss fight that tests player’s abilities and teamwork.

Killing Floor 2 Key Features:

  • Fast-Paced Gameplay – combat waves of enemies.
  • Optimized – game runs smoothly without noticeable bugs.
  • Play Any Class Anytime – switch between classes after defeating a wave of enemies.
  • M.E.A.T. System – blood and gore exists in real-time and persists until the end of the match.
  • Variety of Skills – gain new passive skills every five levels.

Killing Floor 2 Screenshots

Killing Floor 2 Featured Video

Killing Floor 2 Gameplay First Look - Omer Plays

Full Review

Killing Floor 2 Review

By Sean Sullivan

In Killing Floor 2, players pick up where Killing Floor left off. One month after the events of the first game, Europe is in disarray thanks to the unstoppable zed outbreak. Governments and their militaries no longer exist and the people are left to the fend for themselves. Looking from a distance, the Eiffel Tower is a limp reminder of a world no more. Take up arms at the end of days and kill waves of relentless zed until you summon the big boss and then kill it too. Spilling gobs of blood awards money and experience used to upgrade your character. Players choose a perk (class) and jump right into the chaos from the menu. There’s no time wasted. I joined Online Matchmaking and was ready to spatter zed brains all over my monitor.

Work Together for the Slaughter

At its core Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative game. You can go Rambo and fly solo but it is hard. You will get killed. It’s hard enough when working with a team. Sticking together and covering each other is the only way to survive. I learned the hard way. In my first match I ran down a corridor until greeted by the chill air outside the frozen outpost. I turned and saw arachnid zeds skitter towards me. Turning back, I was faced with a chainsaw wielding monstrosity. My death was painful. Teammates responded with “LOL” in the chatbox.

Your screen can quickly become overrun with zeds clawing away at you. They pop out from everywhere. Furthermore, the maps are designed to be tight corridors. Even in what should be big open spaces, a shattered environment featuring turned cars impede you from running freely. Working together and using classes correctly is the only way to survive. Someone has to use their welder to seal off entrances and prevent zeds from overwhelming the team. I played many matches where the game finished with one player backtracking the map, trying to kite zeds as the rest of us—dead—watched in anticipation of his defeat. If we were more sociable people we would have placed bets.

Zeds range from trash mobs, typically staggering towards you in round one, to frightening Goliaths and Sirens who need their mouths duct-taped. When dispatched, each one bursts in a delightful spray of entrails coating the environment. Thanks to Tripwire Interactive’s M.E.A.T. (massive evisceration and trauma) system, blood rains down as a viscous fountain in real time—not as a texture. Waves of zeds might be defeated but their vital fluids are a sick reminder of your victories. Killing Floor 2 is a gore-fest, made more effective when players know how to aim.

Aim for the Head

Following zombie lore, headshots are your best friend and you better hope your teammates know how to center their crosshairs. Lining up putrefied noses is the quickest way to dispatch zeds and some specimens require several well placed bullets to incapacitate. By default, the hip-shot crosshair is turned off but can be easily turned on from Options. It helps to know where to shoot when you’re swarmed. I tend to aim from the hip rather than down the sights because I was changing targets every few seconds. There are too many enemies at once to waste time going into scope.

“Get Your Guns Here!”

In between each wave, you’re directed to a trader post on the map, a glowing blue capsule. At the trading post, you can replenish your armor, ammo, and buy new guns. The first couple of rounds of a Killing Floor 2 match are all about building your economy. I tried to use my knife as much as possible to save money on ammo. I wanted a better shotgun as soon as possible. I knew what was coming—vacuums of lard spattering vile liquids that obscure my vision.

Each weapon has its own weight so picking up fallen comrades guns may prevent you from buying that automatic shotgun. By the way, when you die you lose your bought weapons, and you don’t keep them for the next map either. Each playthrough requires you to earn money and buy into your playstyle. Additionally, every class can use every weapon at any time, just like the first Killing Floor. Weapons allot experience to the class they're designated for. So if a Support class is using a Commando rifle, you’ll accumulate experience for the Commando.


As you rack up the kills, you’re also gaining experience in your perk. Every five levels you’re allotted a skill. As a shotgun-wielding support class, I chose Supplier at level 5, turning me into a pack mule that everyone could draw ammo from once per wave. Each perk has its own skills that solidify their role on the field. Understanding your perks role is essential to surviving the gorefest.

The Gorey Matrix

Periodically throughout a match, you and your teammates will enter “Zed Time,” a slow-motion phase where the game starts to resemble Sin City. Everything that isn’t red becomes desaturated to enhance the blood visuals and show off the immensely detailed gore. Zed mode wants soak in the pools of blood, but it should be renamed headshot mode. Surrounded by zeds, I pirouetted and lined up six heads with my shotgun’s iron sights. It was one of many satisfying moments.

Big Man on Campus

When you’ve finally slaughtered every wave, the boss makes his debut. It’s an overwhelmingly one-sided engagement unless your team works together in MMO fashion. Understanding your role and sticking together is mandatory. In Outpost, my team lured the German scientist boss outside and onto an icy path. Kiting him around the open perimeter was a terrible mistake. He was able to chug poisonous gas at us from across the map, suffocating my comrades. We would have had better luck had we used the environment to our advantage by pulling him around tight corridors. You need solid players who know their roles to beat bosses.

Final Verdict: Great

Killing Floor 2 is a whirlwind of fast-pace action painted with visceral gore. Finely polished visuals and optimized gameplay make it a pleasure to transform zeds into pulpy mush. Far from being easy, Killing Floor 2 is intense and terrifying at times. Being surrounded by mutilated zeds while reloading epitomizes the feeling of doom. However, the game is very repetitive—you are doing the same thing over and over again. Playing solo can eventually feel monotonous once you’re desensitized to the extravagant violence. If you have four or five friends looking to pick up Killing Floor 2 then it's far more amusing.   


Killing Floor 2 Screenshots


Killing Floor 2 Videos

Playlist: Killing Floor 2

System Requirements

Killing Floor 2 Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Win7 64-bit, Win8/8.1 64-bit
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz or Phenom II X2 545
Video Card: GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 4830
Hard Disk Space:  10 GB available space

Additional Info: UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE - IntelHD Integrated Graphics Chips, 32-bit Operating Systems

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Win7 64-bit, Win8/8.1 64-bit
CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz or Phenom II X4 955
Video Card: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 6950
Hard Disk Space:  10 GB available space


Killing Floor 2 Music

Coming Soon!

Additional Info

Killing Floor 2 Additional Information

Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive

Distributor(s): Iceberg Interactive

Game Engine: Modified Unreal Engine 3

Game Director(s): Bill Munk
Game Artist(s): David Hensley

Announcement Date: May, 08, 2014

Closed Beta Date: April 08, 2015
Closed Beta End Date: April 17, 2015

Launch Date: April 21, 2015

Steam Release Date: April 21, 2015

Development History / Background:

Killing Floor 2 was developed by American game development studio Tripwire Interactive and built using Unreal Engine 3. They began working on the project following the success of the 2011 game Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. While the first Killing Floor was developed by ten people over a three month period, the studio had grown to fifty employees. The larger team and increased budget allowed Tripwire Interactive to use motion capture. Both creature animations and weapon animations were rendered at high frame rates thanks to the technology and enabled the team to introduce Zed Time—slow-motion killing. Tripwire Interactive developed M.E.A.T. (massive evisceration and trauma) as a dynamic gore system. Blood is splattered on the map in real time as opposed to being a texture in many other games.

Killing Floor 2 will also be released on Playstation 4.