MapleStory 2 Developers Vow to Work With Players to Gather Feedback and Address Issues

MapleStory 2 just launched its Skybound Expansion phase 2 earlier this month, but the game still has several serious issues and the game's developers are looking to work directly with the community to solve them. Going forward MapleStory 2 will launch a 3 month project where developers will try to better communicate with players and incorporate their feedback. The process [...]

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Final Fantasy XIV's Blue Mage Job Launches

The previously announced Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy XIV officially launched this morning, shortly after weekly resets. The Blue Mage is a special class in the game that gains new spells by witnessing and killing specific enemies throughout Eorzea. They're the first class in the game labeled as a 'limited class' as their max level is currently 50, while [...]

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Tree of Savior Re:Build Update Goes Live - Revamps Class System

Tree of Savior just launched its highly anticipated Re:Build update which revamps the game's entire class and stats system. The new system promises to deliver a much more horizontal and open class progression system where subclasses don't become obsolete at higher levels. Besides revamping the existing class system, a new "Scout" archetype was added. Since Re:Build is a major change [...]

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