Krosmaga Gameplay First Look

Krosmaga First Look by Omer Krosmaga is a free to play PC / Mobile CCG developed and published by Ankama Games - the studio behind Wakfu and Dofus. The core gameplay mechanics are similar to games like Shadowverse and Hearthstone, but the game differntiates itself by having a unique multi lane board. Krosmaga has top notch in game art and [...]

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Fly For Fun Gameplay First Look

Fly For Fun First Look by Omer Fly For Fun is a free to play anime MMORPG developed by Gala Labs and published by Webzen - makers of Mu Online, Mu Legend, Rappelz, and a handful of other titles. It launched back in 2005 and despite its age, it remains relevant even today. Like Shaiya, Last Chaos, and other older [...]

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Destiny Child Gameplay First Look

Destiny Child First Look by Omer Destiny Child is a free to play mobile RPG / hero collector developed by Next Floor Corp that plays a lot like other mobile hero collectors (Think Fate/Grand Order, Chain Chronicle, Brave Frontier, etc). Where Destiny Child really stands apart though is its production value. The game's graphics and animation are top notch. Former [...]

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