3on3 FreeStyle Gameplay First Look

3on3 FreeStyle First Look By Omer 3on3 FreeStyle is a free to play basketball MMO available on PC and PS4. It launched on PC on October 16th, 2017 and plays a lot like FreeStyle 2: Street Basketball. In fact, the core gameplay is nearly identical. Where 3on3 FreeStyle differs is that its built on Unreal Engine 4 and features a [...]

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Tencent Launches Mobile Game in Support of China's President - Players can "Clap" for Xi Jinping

Tencent launched a new mobile game today in China in support of president Xi Jinping where players can "Clap" for president Xi Jinping. The faster players tap their screen the more they clap! The game seems to have leaderboards too so there's some competitive element involved. The game was released just in time for the opening of the Community Party [...]

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Albion Online Revamps Its Invite-a-Friend Program (To Combat A Declining Playerbase...?)

Sandbox Interactive announced yesterday that they just revamped their Invite-a-Friend program by introducing 7 day trial keys which can be purchased and given to friends. Previously players received a gold bounty (premium currency) for inviting new players to the game who purchased the game. The only real difference now is that players can purchase and send 7 day trial keys [...]

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