Savage Hunt Dragon's Prophet Gameplay First Look

Savage Hunt Dragon's Prophet First Look Savage Hunt Dragon's Prophet is a relaunch of the 2013 Dragon's Prophet action MMORPG which was originally published by Daybreak Game Company. It is developer by Runewaker Entertainment, the same company best known for Runes of Magic. The core gameplay is quite similar to Riders of Icarus from Nexon as players can tame and [...]

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Mu Online Season 12: Part 2 Now Live

While most of Webzens news flow has been about Mu Legend lately, we can't forget about Mu Online. The game launched its Season 12: Part 2 update this week along with the new Eldorado server. This update adds the following new things to the game: 4th Class Quests 4th Class Skill Enhance Trees Master Skill Tree Renewals A new map [...]

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