The "WoW-Killer" Will Be A Mobile Game

If there is ever going to be a game that smothers World of Warcraft, it will be a mobile game. That’s if the fabled legend ever comes to pass—and at this rate, it won't be any time soon. I imagine for some readers this is a rather presumptuous statement to make. Afterall PC and console are still minting money, and [...]

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Paragon Reveals The Demonic Cowboy Hero, Revenant

It's been three weeks and that means Paragon has another hero to slap on its roster; this time its the demonic cowboy, only known as Revenant (screaming Leo not included). The trailer below makes the gunslinger look pretty slick. Revenant (Fury, Corruption) is an unholy melding of malevolent spirit and vicious bounty hunter. An ability Carry, Revenant relies on isolating [...]

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