Spacetime Studios

Spacetime Studios is US-based independent game development company and is the first 3D MMO company in history to implement multi-platform support.

Official Site:
Company Size: 50+ Employees
Region(s): US (HQ)
Year Founded: 2005
Phone Number: +1-512-904-4700

Spacetime Studios was founded in 2005 by Garry Gattis, Cinco Barnes, Anthony L. Sommers and Jake Rodgers—a group of veteran PC MMO Game developers with experience working on big-name titles such as Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and Wing Commander. In 2006 they began developing the game Blackstar, a PC sci-fi MMO which they successfully contracted for Korean game developer and publisher NCSoft. Unfortunately the agreement was cancelled due to a change in economic conditions in the online gaming market, the poor performance of two of NCSoft’s other games, and a change in the Korean company’s North American marketing strategy. As a result of the failed agreement 12 of Spacetime Studio’s team members were laid off but the company still continued to find ways to create their flagship game. The company’s staff was further reduced to six employees (the four founding members and two others) in 2009 following the completion of Blacktar’s pre-production phase. During the same year the company tried their luck on the iOS market under the name ClockRocket Games. Their experience with iOS led them to turn Blackstar into a mobile MMO. The company initially released Pocket Legends, a mobile MMO for the iOS, in 2010 followed by the long-awaited release of Blackstar in 2011 under the title of Star Legends: The Blackstart Chronicles. In 2011 Spacetime Studios became the first 3D MMO publisher to implement multi-platform support which allowed gamers to play the same game together on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. In spite of their earlier setbacks the company has now gained recognition and received numerous awards for their work including Best Mobile MMO for Arcane Legends two years in a row,’s Top 50 Developers three years in a row, and ranks 97th in Develop’s World’s 100 Most Successful Game Studios in 2011.

Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Spacetime Studios:

Arcane Legends (Android/iOS/ChromeApp/AmazonApp)
Arcane Battlegrounds (Android/iOS)
Battle Command (Android/iOS)
Battle Dragons (Android/iOS)
Call of Champions (iOS)
Dark Legends (Android/iOS/ChromeApp)
Pocket Legends (Android/iOS/ChromeApp)
Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles (Android/iOS/ChromeApp)

Contact Info

Spacetime Studios Contact Information:

Telephone Number: +1-512-904-4700
Fax Number: +1-512-904-4701
Corporate Address: 8303 Mopac Expressway, Austin,TX 78759 United States

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