Linux Compatible MMOs & MMORPGs

Linux users, like Mac users, are typically limited when it comes to online gaming. Despite the growing popularity of MMOs and MMORPGs, there aren't that many games that fully support a Linux client. Enterprising individuals can use third party tools to get a lot of Windows only games working, but the games below are officially supported on Linux. WINE is an incredibly useful tool to play Windows based MMORPGs on Macs. Neverwinter and World of Warcraft for example works perfectly on Linux using WINE, despite no official Linux support.

Linux Compatible MOBAs

Dota 2 - Valve's incredibly popular MOBA is Linux and SteamOS compatible. Most of Valve's titles support Linux.

Heroes of Newerth - S2's Dota inspired Moba supports Linux.

Strife - A polished MOBA with sleek cartoony graphics from S2 Games. Has a unique pet system and item crafting.

Savage 2 - A third person MMO shooter/fighter/Moba mix. Set in the Newerth universe.

Dragons and Titans - A fast paced action oriented MOBA with shorter matches. Choose from over 30 dragons and 30 unique weapons to customize your gameplay.

Golden Rush - A unique 4 team MOBA developed by the Russian studio Forbes Consult and Elyland. The game is on all major platforms including PC, Mac, and Linux.

Linux Compatible MMO Shooters

Team Fortress 2 - The first buy to play game gone free to play from Valve.

War Thunder - Incredibly popular World War 2 vehicle based MMO.

No More Room in Hell - a free to play zombie survival game built on the Half Life 2 engine. Original HL2 not required.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Valve's flagship title is available on all platforms including PC, Mac, and Linux.

Robocraft - A unique free to play shooter where players build and battle their own mechs. High level of customization!

Linux Compatible MMOs

8BitMMO - A sandbox construction themed MMO inspired by Minecraft.

ARK: Survival Evolved - The epic Dinosaur themed survival game ARK is Linux compatible.

Savage Lands - Another survival / sandbox game, but with fantasy elements like magic.

Fishing Planet - One of the only free to play fishing MMOs is available on Linux via Steam.

Unturned - The extremely popular cartoony survival game Unturned is available on every major platform. Unturned is also one of the only free to play survival games out there and boasts a large concurrent playerbase.

Linux Compatible MMORPGs

Ryzom - A multi platform MMORPG released back in 2004.

Wakfu - A turn based MMORPG from French studio Ankama.

Albion Online - A true cross platform MMORPG on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

Star Conflict - a Space themed free to play MMORPG

Aberoth - a Free to play MMORPG with classic 8-bit graphics.

Champions of Rengum - a RvR PvP heavy MMORPG.

RuneScape - HTML5 / Java compatible browser based MMORPG.

Tibia - Originally launched back in 1997, Tibia launched its Linux client in 2006.

Vendetta Online - a multi platform sci-fi themed MMORPG that launched back in 2004. Pay to play game with a free trial.

PlaneShift - A multi platform fantasy themed MMORPG released back in 2004.

Eternal Lands - An older free to play MMORPG released back in 2002. Multi-platform.

RPG MO - An indie MMORPG inspired by classics like Runescape and Ultima. It's available iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux!

Shroud of the Avatar - An upcoming MMORPG from Richard Gariott - the legendary designer behind Ultima Online.

We try to keep this list updated as new games come out and others add Linux support, but if you find a game that we forgot to include, please leave a comment and we'll add it right away!

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