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Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with real-time combat in a martial arts setting. Players are expected to properly time their attacks and chain combos to maximize their damage potential. The game also offers lush environments and attractive character designs.

Publisher: NCsoft
Playerbase: High
Type: Action MMORPG
Release Date: January 19, 2016 (NA/EU)
PvP: Open World / Arenas / Battlegrounds
Pros: +Fluid, action-oriented gameplay. +Well-paced story line. +Beautiful characters and landscapes. +Simple, intuitive interface.
Cons: -Slow-paced travel. -Steeper learning curve due to combat system. -Delayed Western release.



Blade & Soul Overview

Blade & Soul is a fantasy wuxia MMORPG featuring a range of martial arts classes in a vibrant world. Choose between four races (Gon, Jin, Kun, or Lyn) and 7 martial arts inspired classes. Customize your character to stand out from other players through a wide range of presets and sliders. Explore a world with unique environmental aesthetics, brimming with quests to level up from 1-55+. Engaging combat demands players chain skills together to combo opponents into submission, a mix of classic MMORPG abilities and arcade fighting games. Master your class and enter the arena to test your might in 1v1 or 3v3 combat, where twitch reactions secure victory. Or join a warring faction and attack enemy players in the open world so long as you're wearing a factional outfit.

Blade & Soul Key Features:

  • Extensive Customization - choose between four races and seven classes, and customize your character through a range of presets and sliders.
  • Arena PvP - combat other players in 1v1 or 3v3 combat where players who master their class's skills walk away victorious.
  • Narrative Driven - avenge the Hongmoon School through a narrative driven story, complete with voice-acted NPC's and flashy cinematics.
  • Engaging Combat - chain skills together to activate combos and decimate opponents with precision.
  • Cosmetic Collection - expand your wardrobe with a huge selection of flashy costumes to decimate foes in style.

Blade & Soul Screenshots

Blade & Soul Featured Video


Blade & Soul Classes and Races


  • Gon - Descendants from an ancient dragon, the Gon are a tall, powerful race with massive bodies. Class options include Kung Fu Master and Destroyer.
  • Jin - The most human-like race, the Jin represent knowledge and endeavor. Born of the black tortoise spirit, they are the most versatile race. Available classes include Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, and Assassin.
  • Kun - The Kun embody the beauty and elegence of the Phoenix. They are a female-only race that value art and music. Class options include Blade Master and Force Master.
  • Lyn - A mouse like race with large ears and tails. The Lyn have a link to the spirit world due to their connection with the Kylin. Available classes include Blade Master, Force Master, and Summoner.


  • Assassin - Available only to the Jin, Assassins mainly use short swords or daggers. They are also well-versed in the use of explosives and traps.
  • Blade Master - Available to the Jin and Kun races, Blade Masters specialize in the use of swords. Capable of both melee and ranged strikes with their blades, Blade Masters prefer to parry and counterattack their foes, rather than exchange blows head-on.
  • Destroyer - Only the powerful Gon have the physical strength to wield the large axe of a Destroyer. They possess high defense which makes them natural tanks in group situations. Destroyers also have multiple splash attacks, allowing them to take on several opponents at once.
  • Force Master - The primary casters of Blade & Soul. The Force Master class is available to the Kun and Lyn races. Their ability to attack from a distance is balanced with their naturally low defense and health.
  • Sword Master - Similar to the Blade Master, this class is only available to the nimble Lyn. Sword Masters have lower health and defense, but higher evasion. Sword Masters are well-rounded and can take on a variety of roles. Their large selection of area of effect (AoE) skills and ease of use make them ideal for beginners.
  • Kung Fu Master - Gon and Jin players who choose this class rely on their fists and feet in combat. This monk-like class offers many combo possibilities which makes them rewarding, but more difficult to play.
  • Summoner - Only available to the Lyn, Summoners are a versatile class due to their ability to summon a variety spirits to their aid. Combining their own ranged attacks with the attacks of their companions, Summoners are capable of fighting alone or with groups.

Full Review

Blade & Soul Review

By Sean Sullivan

Three years after its Korean release, NCSoft’s Blade & Soul is finally gracing both North America and Europe. The game known for combining martial arts inspired combat and voluptuous vixens enters an MMORPG arena overflowing with choice. I’ve long wondered whether the delayed release would sentence Blade & Soul to purgatory, unable to compete with established titles such as TERA and Wildstar. But after playing I’m confident Blade & Soul will become the go-to MMORPG for countless players.

Donatello's Character Creation

Blade & Soul’s titillating characters sell Tumblr posts for a good reason: they’re lustrous and spread across the gamut of possibility. Start by choosing between one of four races: the beefy Gon, lolita Lyn, amazonian Yun, or the human Jin. Races are limited to three classes each, some of which overlap (e.g. only Jin can play Assassin’s but both Jin and Yun can choose Blade Master). Character creation consists of a wide range of presets that are refined through sliders. To my surprise you’re not confined to a predetermined aesthetic, à la Black Desert Online. Instead, as with Perfect World International, crafting a character to turn onlookers to stone is entirely possible. Or, follow the crowd and create a Victoria’s Secret model.

I have to note that every time you change a hairstyle your chest pulsates like Kuato from Total Recall is trying to tell you a secret—as if my character’s breasts were having a seizure from each haircut.

Characters aren’t perfect. By default Blade & Soul figurines have peculiar anatomies. I like Hyung-Tae Kim’s artwork, but something was added in the translation to the game’s character models. Some races are noticeably elongated as if characters were stretched on Emperor Nero’s torture rack. It’s personal taste, but I found it disconcerting. The models didn’t stop me from enjoying the game; it added to my immersion when I met player’s who pushed the character creator to its extremes.

For my first playthrough I opted to create a sultry Assassin—realistic proportions.

Translated Narrative

Dropped into the ocean where The Old Man And The Sea is bewildered, players start the game through a series of flashbacks. Treachery has descended on the Hongmoon School and it’s up to the player to travel the world seeking vengeance. I’m not one for MMORPG stories but Blade & Soul presents narrative through flashy cutscenes inseparable from commonplace anime sequences. I appreciate the effort.

Numerous NPC’s are voice-acted, but in many instances they fall flat. I worry I wasn’t captivated because the acting was like an early Saturday Morning cartoon—I’m a snob that can’t watch dubs. An option to play with original voice actors would be a welcome addition.
Not every NPC is voice-acted either. And the ones that are seem random. It’s not just recurring characters that speak, but some fish monger who needs you to slay wrathful hermit crabs, while his neighbor can only mime requests. It’s a bit odd and I can imagine that casting actors for non-important NPC’s drained a lot of time porting the game.

John Woo Combat

What’s most important in any MMORPG is the welling in your viscera as you slice random boars in two. Blade & Soul’s combat is a smooth chaining of ornate animations. Each fight feels like a choreographed scene from a John Woo film.

Skills are bound 1-4, Z-V, and the mouse buttons. Your hand is isolated to one area on the keyboard, bringing gameplay in-line with TERA and other action MMORPGs. It plays like Street Fighter and an RPG were thrown into a blender. Chaining skills properly procs new skills (bound to F and Tab) that can be employed tactically to maximize damage. As an assassin I could lay down a mine, swap places with my victim, detonate the mine, shadowstep, stun, and knock out Disgruntled Kung-Fu Masters.

The system is engaging, keeping players on their toes as they chain attacks. You don’t necessarily move as you strike (at least as an Assassin), but you use abilities to counter and circumvent enemies. Knowing that an axe is set to clash with my face I activate parry and stuck a knife between the enemy’s spine. When I eat an attack it doesn’t feel undeserved. There’s some movie I should have employed to minimize damage.

Korean Grind

Leveling is a superfluous grind. But the repetition isn’t a 9-5 job (as with Devilian). It's broken between open world PvP, storyline anime sequences, item roulette, and dungeon crawling. There are enough systems in place, even at lower levels, to break the monotony. You can spend time killing a world boss for a chance to spin the Wheel of Fate—fingers crossed for a risqué outfit—or upgrade your weapon by feeding it junk items.

But leveling is themepark style questing, moving from one Epcot station to the next—killing, retrieving, and exploring; a largely single-player experience. The world is a series of linear paths interconnected by warp portals. While aesthetically distinct, and visually impressive, many elements feel recycled. Every cave-crawl quest sends you down the same dusky path. Every village asks you to perform the same menial tasks. Zones are confined to a theme—forests, deserts, villages crawling with peasants—until a bottleneck squeezes you into the next quest area. But dungeon crawling with friends makes the grind tolerable.

Blade & Soul’s party play is largely three DPS classes tackling a mob, but that doesn’t mean spamming is viable. Group content is refreshing. It throws away the formulaic holy trinity, and forces tactical communication. Without dedicated healers and obvious tanks, players are responsible for themselves and reliant on each other. In many cases a stun or knockdown must be applied twice in quick succession. While some combos won’t proc without groupmates activating their own skills, forcing an interdependent dynamic. Since you’re rotating crowd control and optimizing combos VOIP is indispensable.

I wasn’t bored leveling. It’s not an Eastern grind like Tree of Savior. Combat quenches your thirst, and a deep sense of paranoia kept me on the lookout for enemy players.

World Arena

Not since World of Warcraft have I been so happy with world PvP. Players wear outfits belonging to opposing factions and turn NPC outposts into Battle Royale. Upon respawn you can choose to discard your outfit to exit PvP but why would you? It’s a fantastic means of bridging the gap between PvE and PvP players, placing them in the same world. Conceptually, the mechanic could be a simple flag. But outfits create a turf war where players wear a bandana to represent Grove Street.

And then there’s Arena PvP, a complex brawl that’s as entertaining to watch as it is to participate. I suspect Blade & Soul’s twitch combat focused on outsmarting opponents will draw even non-MMO players to streaming channels. Ranking systems match players together of equal weight, and weapon’s don't matter in the arena. Whether you use a broken stick or Sun Tzu’s blade you deal the same damage. It balances PvP (to an extent) and emphasizes player skill over gear.

Masked Enviornments

The game looks fantastic. Maxed settings rival big dog MMORPG heavy-hitters. Perhaps Blade & Soul’s not in-line with the coming generation of MMOs, but polished enough to compete—in part due to the self-aware anime aesthetic.

It’s presentation is not without flaws. Your character’s feet never reach the floor; maybe chi keeps your shoes afloat? And the user interface, by default, detracts from the environment. Resizing every element from the menu calmed my nerves, but I preferred to play with the UI turned off when possible, by pressing Ctrl + X.

Cash Shop Shenanigans

Blade & Soul is packaged with a hefty cash shop, dependent on NCsoft’s cross-game currency NCoin and in-game earned points. It includes the expected spectrum, from sybaritic costumes to experience boosters and crafting materials. But I wanted VIP status. I decided to buy $20 worth of NCoin, 1600 coins to activate premium membership for 30 days. Even though 30 days costs 900 NCoin, pricing jumps from 800 NCoin for $10 to 1600 NCoin for $20—thanks NCSoft.

But premium membership doesn’t include the range of available perks. Many still have to be earned. Blade & Soul has 10 premium membership ranks. Rank 1 applies immediately upon purchase, and players earn subsequent ranks by accumulating premium points, spending both NCoin and Hongmoon Coin. Higher ranks increase bonuses, such as reducing recovery upon death from 20 seconds to 15 seconds at rank 9.

Earned bonuses are not game-breaking and focus on convenience and spectacle, such as additional gold earnings from combat and “class-specific dazzling windwalk.” It’s not a system I endorse. If I pay for a premium subscription I want premium perks, or at least the option to purchase the full set. It’s my hope Blade & Soul is not setting a new precedent, and seems designed to motivate heavy spenders when whales are on the fence about clicking the buy button.

NCSoft has been sure to inconvenience free-to-players to motivate casual purchases. I loathe commodified bag space, and thanks to some items non-stacking I spent too much time salvaging to free up space. You can unlock slots by selling gold and participating in events, but it doesn’t excuse limited bag space that typically overflow with items; I consider it a scummy tactic. In addition there are scrolls that require keys to be unlocked, most conveniently purchased from the cash shop.

The Foundation Is Brittle

Blade & Soul suffers from Founder’s Packs antics. The Founders Packs start at $24.99 for the basic Initiate package and rise the charts to $124.99. The highest package includes many of the necessities you would expect to find in a pay-to-play MMO such as additional character slots, bag space, and the quality of life enhancing Premium Service. While you get a fairly good deal for the money in comparison, the $124.99 founders pack suffers from a problem that most packs don't have. The exclusive skins, outfits, bagspace and amenities you receive only apply to a single character on the account, diminishing its value. You’re spending $124.99 one avatar, not the account. If you want to reroll you’re screwed.

Final Verdict - Good

Blade & Soul is the definitive martial arts MMORPG for a Western audience. It’s long overdue. A vibrant anime-aesthetic, hypnotic combat, arena PvP, and buxom warriors culminate in an addictive playthrough. While Blade & Soul isn’t immune from cash shop shenanigans, blasé leveling, and unnerving Founder's Packs my enjoyment wasn't hindered. If you’re looking for engaging combat with Eastern flare pick up Blade & Soul and you may find the MMORPG that's been long overdue.


Blade & Soul Screenshots


Blade & Soul Videos

System Requirements

Blade & Soul System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: Intel Core 2 DUo E6600 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+
Video Card: GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4650
Hard Disk Space: 15GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6400 2.13 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805 or better
Video Card: GeForce 8800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better
Hard Disk Space: 15GB


Blade & Soul Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Blade & Soul Additional Information

Developer: NCSoft (Team Bloodlust)
Executive Producer: James Bae
Art Director: Hyung-Tae Kim
Composer: Taro Iwashiro

Foreign Release:

Korea: June 30, 2012 (Published by NCSoft)
China: November 28, 2013 (Published by Tencent)
Japan: May 20, 2014
Taiwan: November 20, 2014
Russia: TBA

English Beta Testing Schedule:

Weekend 1: Oct 30–Nov 2 [English only]
Weekend 2: Nov 13–16 [English only]
Weekend 3: Nov 24–30 [English, French, German]
Weekend 4: Dec 11–14 [English, French, German]
Weekend 5: Dec 18–21 [English, French, German]

Release Date: January 19, 2016

Development History / Background:

Blade & Soul was developed by Team Bloodlist, a development division of Korean game publishing and development company NCSoft. The game originally launched in Korea on June 30, 2012. An English version of Blade & Soul was discussed in 2013, but wasn't officially announced until May 20, 2015. Five Beta weekends were announced, beginning on October 30, 2015, with the last Beta weekend concluding on December 21, 2015. Blade & Soul officially released to North American and European players on January 19, 2016.

A prequel game was announced on July 11, 2016, titled Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising. The game is co-developed between Tencent Games and NCSoft, and will follow the story of the Hongmoon Clan and its rise to power.

  • Dan X

    Well US/EU release should be this fall /o/ , took them long enough ...
    I'm currently playing on russian server which has a great english patch , literally 97% is translated ( as it says on their website )

    • Rolder

      Mind sharing where exactly one may find this russian server? Thanks!

  • Shatokan

    I have access to the first closed beta. If any of the writers want some information after I test it a bit, feel free to reply to this or email me! 🙂

    • noname

      The current closed beta ending November 2 is the second CBT and follows a private beta test that happened before that. Thousands of people are in the current CBT with login server wait queues exceeding 1200 people and 4-5 hours at times. The founders packs are for sale on Amazon now. So basically anyone who wants to play the CBT can easily do so. I am SURE the people at this website are there either via press key or by their own money.

      Which is a fine thing: this game is really quite good. User comments in game have been about as positive as I have ever seen from a player base which doesn't hold back when they do have an issue. Players seem to be really enjoying it and lamenting how long it will take for the live release in 2016. NCSoft has a hit on their hands from the looks of things.

    • Foley Chew

      Can you tell me is the beta worth 100 bucks ? and is it a long lasting game play ?

      • Matt

        I can't remember how many more tests are planned, but it can't be more than one or two, and they will likely only be weekends. The game will then launch on January 19th. Whether the game is worth it or not, I would objectively say the beta is not. Especially not now.

      • AFatalPapercut

        Definitely not worth $100. It's pretty, presented well but aside from that you've played it before if you've played any other MMORPG.

  • Bom Jogo, Nego toma muito café com este MMORPG!

  • Mike V

    I'm disappointed how NA/EU version is dumbed down and censored, so I'm looking to play the uncut version Blade and Soul using an English patch on eastern servers. Does anyone know which server is the best for doing so in terms of ping, as well as the most diverse and largest player base?

    • There's a Reddit thread discussing how to minimize ping but I can't seem to find the post >< I know PvP might be tough if you're playing on an Eastern server, but if your interest is narrative I'm sure its better. I struggled to tolerate the Saturday Morning Cartoon voice acting.

      • Tuck Choate

        Personally, I'd want to minimize ping.

  • Shea Thomas

    Tried this game today, got to level 13 so far and this game is so god damn.................BORING!!!! my word this thing is a snooze fest, waiting on the log in queue is just as exciting as the game-play, PVE is like watching wet paint dry, the combo system is really half assed, nothing really flows into the other, the story line, meh.

    • What class are you? I played the mage class in the beta and was meh about it, but I'm playing a Blademaster now and having a blast.

      • Shea Thomas

        Force master.

        • Grace Zhang

          lol what the combo system is 'boring' only because you're at level 13... every single MMO will be like that. If you look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J7UPVB2gAE you can see that the combo system is actually pretty crazy and there's a decently steep learning curve. The combos in the above video can be 10+ skills long and players have to pick and choose which skills to use at ~just~ the right time to make the maximum amount of damage. If you're just spamming left click then you're not doing it right (even in level 13 force masters have multiple possible skills to use and have to make smart decisions).

          • Shea Thomas

            Dude this was 2 years ago, necro much? The game population is in the toilet atm, seems I was right that it sucks.

          • Grace Zhang

            XD yeah it was two years ago, but oh well~ and I don't think the population is 'in the toilet' but we might just have different standards... hmm well happy holidays anyways lol

          • Shea Thomas

            Two server merges already and people asking for more, yeah it's in the toilet.

      • I've had a ton of fun, combat-wise, playing the Assassin. I really enjoy the combo system, and see it as the game's shining area. Although I haven't played all classes so I'm not sure how translates.

        • Shea Thomas

          played GW2 for a while, so all the combat system and graphics seems really outdated and lame in comparison, PVE- Press big skill walk backwards using auto attack, rinse and repeat, quests dull, combat dull, graphics dull, story....I have seen bad ones but this is one of the worst, classes dull, scenery dull,rng system dull, servers dull, content dull, pvp( i saw some of the vids from tournaments, it's like watching paint dry, all in all it's a dull game.

          • Dexyu

            Aww man should have tried more than one class. Combat is not at all dull, there are amazing combos air juggles. PVP and PVE are dam fun. You just have to find the right class. Force is for people that love to stay in the back and pew pew pew. IF you wnat to be a meaty bastard go Destroyers or Blademaster, sneaky pvp killer go assasin or Lyn blade, or if you want to be an asshole...go Summoner.

          • Shea Thomas

            Graphics are horrible
            RNG is hell and the bid system and mail being behind a pay wall, also easy chance of going bankrupt if not paying full attention
            I like staying behind
            juggles? after playing dragon nest for years b&s is an insult to action combat
            story is crap
            I played way more intense games than this that's why I don't get any thrills from combat i used when i was 13
            GW2 has way better graphics and story, content , pvp, pve crafting and the skills you get and learn to chain is fun as hell.
            PVP on this server is boring, Perfect world did pvp better( I am dead serious about that 1 before TB classes) i looked through all classes and play stales before picking while i was in that long ass queue, nothing interesting.
            As i said if you are used to playing clicker heroes and candy crush this game would give you a thrill, for real gamers this game is a disappointment, feels like an old killer instinct game.

    • Well dont play the game for 10 minutes and then quit... it takes a bit more then that to get into it

  • Goat

    Queues to join servers are way too long, reminds me of Silkroad back in the day where you have to wait hours just to get in the game -_-

  • Zariarn

    So I gave the game a shot and I personally don't like it. I couldn't get to far before I deleted my character. I plan to give it another shot from a different class, but as of right now, it's just not for me.

    Disclaimer: I haven't put a whole lot of time into the game to give it a honest opinion, so take it like a grain of salt.


    -Great visuals
    -Great sound(except voice overs)
    -Simple quest dialogue


    -Ridiculous looking player characters. Every other player has humongous boobs. It looks like a soft hintai. On the other hand, some characters are 8 foot tall bean poles. The look stretched out and silly.
    -Voice overs are terrible.
    -The game isn't open world enough. There's invisible walls everywhere. The minor zoning lag when going outside or inside kills immersion.
    -This could easily be a single player game
    -Combat is ok but could be a lot better.
    -SPAM SPAM SPAM. Overwhelming amount of spam.

    • Dexyu

      Voices are good man, Yes the game has an art style, yea people love big boobs what a twist....
      open world enough...
      Your pc is weak man, so you have to wait a second before you enter a new area, so it can load it all.
      Not at all, some dungeons will rape your ass if you're solo. of course depends on your lvl but party system is great in this game, made for duo or all 5 if you want.
      Could be a lot better....like what ...give me an example please....

      • Zariarn

        I'm currently re-reviewing the game. The lag was server related. My pc is fine. I've give my thoughts later.

      • Shea Thomas

        this game is NOT open world, want an example of OPEN WORLD Perfect World International is an OPEN world, fcking christ you are stupid

  • Miliman

    I highly recommend againts this game nsoft had such a good thing going with it they could have had one of the most popular mmos in but dropped the ball when they literally put the supposedly free to play game behind a pay wall. If you don't buy premium membership your looking at about 4-5 hour login some times the wait even reachea 2 - 3 days que depending on the server and then the only way to getba premium membership is to login in which again is going to take you several hours of your computer just sitting there since you will more then likely get kicked out of the que if you tab out to kill time customer services is terrible with replyz that basically say "well we are sorry you didn't pay us to be able to play this free to play game please for give us for any inconvenience it has cause you" they tried to fix it by saying oh well we will add more servers but instead all it did was help the new player who didn't already have leveled characters in the game who would have to wait the login que out to pay for another character slot by wich point your already logged in or attempt to delete a character only to find out that you have to wait an entire week just for it to be deleted which defeats the purpose for trying to play the game sooner rather then way later when you finally just give in to nsoft's not so subtle attempt to make you pay them the play the game

    • Dexyu

      There are no Queues any more, And open beta is that time when they see if they need more servers. Premium is completely optional. This game is not P2P

  • Colt

    This game is dog shit. Don't bother. Combat system is fucking sad it's so poor. You can't even move your skills into different slots .. they're perma locked in place so if you customize your keybinds you'll have keys all over the fucking place. Story is dog shit with no explanation to your background, they just throw you into a dojo and kill everyone off in the first five minutes of game play, expecting you to care. "Do you like summoners? I'm sure you'll love this bipedal retarded looking cat thing as your perma pet. Don't worry, you can put a hat on it." What a fucking joke.

    • Dexyu

      What's there to explain, you are a student, now your story begins. What you want to see your character poop your pants or something as a kid?
      Summoners pet is a cute fucking thing, girls love it.
      And you know what, good fucking riddance to you too man. Community is that much better without you.

  • Shea Thomas

    The start of an mmo is meant to get the player into the game, to make them like it more and play more, its not meant to be seen s a hurdle, the pay wall can't use mail. rng and bid system are horrible, you can get cap in 3 days and there is nothing at end game, queue times are ridonkulously long, the voice overs, graphics are SO BAD( im running on highest and it still looks like shit) did you just say start *soloing dungeons* it's an MMO, not a single player, PVP lobby, look at forums more and more people are realizing this game is garbage.

    • there is not much content yet because they still need to catch up to korean version and they are already starting to add a lot of more content (10th feb). And every mmo is boring at start and literally the same so untill u actually learn something about the game dont bitch about it

      • Shea Thomas

        what about GW2? that wasn't boring at the start. LoL/smite isnt that boring at the start, as I said early game is meant to draw in players not be viewed as a hurdle. The game is BORING AS FCK WITH LAME COMBAT. look for a game called Yulgang 2, B&Shit is just an updated version to it.

        • Dexyu

          LOL is soo fucking booring, since you have no idea what any character does and mostly get your ass whooped by smurfs.
          GW2 was alright but the combat three is so fucking boring, 5 buttons and rinse and repeat. No incredible combos, just wall of flame and spin through it at best. In GW2 you don't feel like a badass since your lvl is scaled to areas lvl. Which makes you a bitch wherever you go.
          Smite is good but a different game altogether.
          Yulgang is a clone of BNS you dimwit. Do some research , bns came out in Korea 2012..
          Jezz i feel this guy got whooped bad in pvp and is just butt hurt or ran around in pvp clothes.

          • Shea Thomas

            Dragon Nest is better at action combat, i played mmorpgs for over a decade, all PWE games, GW2, TERA, Dragon Nest, Cabal, Flyff, Conq 2.0, etc, you name it i played it , LoL is not boring, and smurfs? if you make it out of bronze or was good at it you would see it's not(D5 here) for GW2 press f1 f2 etc for more skills, seems you don't know that, I have zero problems killing mass amounts of mobs in Gw2 at you just suck, i played mmorpgs based on PvP, me saying B&S is a upgraded version of Yulgang 2 still stands you moron, i never said b&s copied yulgan, pvp is BORING in b&shit, as i said you are accustomed to candy crush and nothing intense so this game would be amazing to you.

        • gw2 is horrible at start and smite and lol are mobas....guess that mmorpg games are not for u

  • SakuStar Light

    XD take it from an actually player who loves this game. Frankly one everyone on bottom is trolling. Its easy to see. 1. the battle system is actually pretty dynamic in the sense of fighting and kiting. 2. Pvp can be switched on an off at the wim of the user. 3. Its boring cause ppl have the mind span of a 2 year old. 4. Its easy to see that the martial arts of this game brings a unique type of fun. 4. The story line is good your basically on a path of revenge that will one either destroy you, or bring u closer to your goal. 5. Being a total badass, having massive hp, protection fellow newbies, this game pretty much makes you feel like a badass when you 1 come in to rescue new players from higher levels seeking to bully the weak. Making a name for yourself is good. There are draw backs to the game but hell with the way games are now NO GAME IS PERFECT. But from the comments ive read. Most of the ppl here have the mind set of a 2 year old. It fun if ur not into pvp dont play this game, if you are pvp is well rewarded.

    • Shea Thomas

      yeah sit in a corner and farm npcs on 1 channel, SO fun....

      • Dexyu

        That is for a outfit thats why people do that for an hour or so.

    • Dignity

      Most Korean games have that pvp system so its pretty copy past. The battle system didn't get much though since you can get hit even though you run behind an enemy while they are attacking you. Its pretty Mediocre.

      • ur internet must be shitty then since thats not possible

      • Dexyu

        Consider AOE skills? And what class where you and what was the enemies?

    • Kizaru77

      so youre saying, in other words, your opinion only matters and everyone else who disagrees is a troll...
      thanks to such pathetic ppl like you most communities of mmos are so degenerated and pathetic, no life, which is why they all need to try so hard to feel superior towards everyone else...
      and no, bns is just bad, in pvp and pve there is absolutely no balance, the battle system is nice, but far from being dynamic, the story is just shit and not even original...and the most important part, you either do always pvp, which isnt even that fun, especially like in many mmos, there are also many hackers here too, and apart of that, pvp is the only way to make money which is just plain stupid...and not to forget, thanks to the goldsellers this game is pay2win...at least before the item shop had such items to increase your gearlvl etc, i dont know if they changed that by now, but its still too late...

  • Shea Thomas

    when you get accustomed to fast paced action oriented gameplay, this game is shit, graphics are very dated.

    • Dexyu

      I think Lala got you there you probably playing on a potato cause the game looks dam fine.

      • Shea Thomas

        you guys must play some low ass specs games to say this looks great...meh maybe i got accustomed to full 4k on skyrim.

      • yui

        the textures are horrible, the game DOES look bad, if you take away lighting effect it will look like total shit.
        there are MMOs with better graphics e.g. Black Desert, MHO.

        I do like how the game looks when you zoom in in your characters butt and everything far away goes blurry, you hide the HUD and fight, it looks pretty good then.

  • Dignity

    I started playing 2 days ago on Master Hong server no queues BUT the gameplay is pretty weak and so is the combat. The combat most part is incredibly dulled. This game just seems like a simple design for an MMO no unique storys or starting place its the same thing over and over if you wanna make a new character.

    This games combat logic: Fighting face to face you get hit. You run behind some one as they are about to attack and you still get hit. Theirs no actual dodging where a person is fighting you and you cant dodge an attack by just moving it kinda takes me out of the game. The ability's and the ability bar is pretty generic same in most all Korean MMO.

    Although I havn't played Tera in a year. I would gladly get back into that game instead of this copy past.

    • Dexyu

      Like any mmo these days don't have those?

      • Shea Thomas

        Dexyu is NCSoft paying you to defend their bs game?

  • Anon

    The game is somewhat fun once you start getting deeper into it, but they take priority to those who pay. I don't mind this thought they have every right to do this, but what makes it so awful is that half of the games pop is bots that are completely let free to rampage. They get into every single chat including the faction chats ruining the game over and over and they kick you for a premium before they kick a bot. their poor treatment of their community is their downfall and should be dealt with harshly. I wouldn't even give a game like this a ranking for having an all around half-assed feel.

  • John Doe

    No shit sherlock this game is an acomplished PvP e-sport , half of the shit you wrote just shows you have no knowledge or previous experience with this game.Also what MMO still has good decent PvE outside World of Warcraft ? Ima tell you NONE ! so take it as it is jumbo.

    • This nonsensical game an "acComplished PvP" "esport"? Shows how dumb you are and how brown your tongue is.

  • Tanslo

    So i recently played an assassin to 45 and the pve content so far is really boring as fuck, you go from quest hub to quest hub, with the saaame quests over and over. Knowing that this game already existed for 3 years in asia, makes me wonder what we will actually see in the future.
    So far only the combat, the aestetics and environments are great, the rest is just boring standard. Duelling in arena is great fun and reminds me of street fighter just in an MMO environment.

    For me Blade and Soul so far is an average game. The presentation of their precious story varies, they made an effort to voice the story quest conversations and created cool cutscenes, but apart from that, even story quests contain kill xx or gather xx many times.
    I wanted to play to 45 to see if there is any change or variety in the leveling content, but nada.. its a boring grind to 45 with repating questhubs and repeating grindquests. This is something the asian mmos just don't get right, it's like there is a gap in creativity in that area and you end up with standard quest hubs and conveniently placed mobs in an designated area.

    Blade and Soul will be a welcome change for the MMOs lovers, but if you expect the holy grail of MMOs mooove along.

    • Vanilla

      The game has not even been fully released, there is a lot more to do in terms of pve atleast. You should try the game again in maybe 2-3months when they have released a lot more stuff. There is also a pretty big update the 10th of Feb.

  • Terrance Earle

    The game has some great pros, but it also has it's cons. There are various die-hard weeabos who love this game because it's so anime like. However the game experience put into the perspective of combat is incredibly fun. The greatest issue is NCSoft West, you won't find a worse company to screw up a decent title. Expect the population to drop in 4-6 months, too much p2w services.

    • I could care about anime. Yuck. This isn't a perfect or model game but your forgettable experience aside from what you tried to say it looks like you don't understand anything you play. From such a long time too.

  • Tyler Allen

    This game looks visually outstanding and pvp looks great, but it seems to lack pve endgame content for mainly PVE players such as my self. cool game, but I;m still on the hunt for that MMORPG that will get me hooked.

  • Dalrash

    1) Complete rip off transactions
    2) Insane Ping in EU and NA
    3) Good game in General with some good story line

    B&S in his Current Form is bound to die in Europe very very fast. The reason for this is the RIP OFF system they use, off what they call micro transactions in a make believe free to play game. On average a costume (which is nothing more then a fancy looking shell without extra attributes to benefit from) cost 15 EURO :O just to look a bit more fancy, the prices are ridiculous. If you don't pay you can not use some of the most basic game features as sending mail to your alt. Now i don't mind to pay for a game, i played mmo's with subscription fees, and games with micro transactions but i never had the feeling they ripped me off as B&S tries to do. And what makes it even worse is that we don't get anything in return for the money spent. a ping of 400 is pretty common in europe, because of the bad infrastructure and out of date servers used to run B&S. So where does our money go, pobably in some DEEP DEEP pockets of the company, who will claim that it is going into future expansions bla bla bla.

    I like the game by it self and will continue to play, but NO WAY i am going to spend a penny in it, and with me a lot off other players will folow that strategy, accumilating a big loss for B&S.

  • Snow Dex

    Why would anyone want to play Blade and Soul? Its lag central, has no dedicated EU servers, grindy, full of RMT, bots, and hacks, has no protection what-so-ever, and is another game published by NickleanddimeCashSoft (NCSoft for those who aren't aware of NCSofts sordid history), as well as being an open endorsement for the sexualization of loli characters.

  • Pacbi

    Great combat system with great 1v1 arenas. Thats it. The pve experience is on the bland side coupled with mindless daily quests to grind every day. If the standard linear progression is your thing, then blade and soul will be your game.

    The game however suffers from a few major issues as of now:

    - Truck load of bots, NCSoft is taking action, however be warned that other regions have been released for a number of years and NCSoft's "action" still haven't made any major effects. In Korea silver to Gold rank (1300-1600 rating) arenas are still smothered with zen bean bots, same as the Taiwanese version. Cross server dungeon queues I can't say because I haven't done much pve in that game to guage the population of bots there.

    - This problem may be the biggest / most severe problem. 1v1 arenas lag like hell. I get 120-200ms on average from the UK to their German servers. The only way to reduce the latency is by using third party ping boosters which I have tested and works wonders(30 - 60ms), however ping boosters also come with a monthly subscription fee, which isn't a lot but is it really worth it to pay 6.99USD per month because of NCSoft's issues?
    NCSoft really needs to address this issue if they are trying to push BnS into the eSports scene..

  • All these games should have very little people let alone hacks to be fun.

  • Augosyx

    Only problem I have with this game are the frequent FPS drops. Even when I'm alone with NPCs or just doing PvE stuffs with less players in the area, my FPS drops absurdly low then raise back up. The fluctuating FPS ups and downs is what made me stopped playing this game and made me waste my Founder's Pack Premium (bought Ultimate Pack, how regrettable that decision was).

    I have the right spec to put this game on the Recommended and still gives me issues. What this game needs right now, aside from the constant patches and expansion to get it up to speed with the Korean server is to have an optimization patch. This game, despite its in-the-now-but-look-outdated graphics, optimization is really needed, not everyone have the ultimate spec gaming CPU on their arsenal.

  • Shirley Idonthinkso

    I have to agree with Shea, Blade and Soul is garbage. They say "free to play" but its definitely "PAY TO WIN" My own personal experience was horrible. The the mail paywall is ridiculous, and is contrary to what their website says. The website clearly states you can mail to your alt chars, (chars within the same account) without charging ncoin, but even that is locked with the paywall. I'm lv 27 Destroyer and I did solo almost everything, but all I see is them trying to force people to buy ncoin. The loot auctions are stupid, the item should go to the one who killed the mob. They closed daily dash early when they started a new event. The new event requires one to be level 36 to receive a daily chest...but guess what, the event chests are available in the "hongmoon shop" (cash shop) and I bet you don't have to be level 36 to purchase them. So much for wanting to appeal to new players. The fact that you can only sell 10 items a day is ridiculous as well, but if you are a premium user you can sell 20 items. The entire game is set to force people to purchase their "ncoin" Not free to play. I play another mmo named Mabinogi, which is truly free to play, I spend around $15 a month or more on it but, if i wanted to I could play for free because Mabinogi does not try forcing people to buy, there are no paywalls. Its fine if nsoft wants to have a pay to win, but don't advertise it as a free to play. I realize they have to make money, but putting a paywall on features of the game is not a good choice. B&S does have a few pro's but many more cons for me.

  • Shea Thomas

    Wow, game so bad it has gold spammers ON THE FORUMS, lmao, server population dwindling, hackers, bots and gold spammer galore, PVP is in shambles, PVE is a disgrace. As i said this game was shit from the moment it came out.

  • Ricardo Kutz

    This crap ass game is now appearing on my side-panels on FaceBook. Once I see a game appear there, I know it's utter garbage. BnS, the primo masturbatory fantasy MMO for porn addicted, Emo-kids with no life.

  • Christian

    I'm just gonna post my review from PC Gamer here in the hopes of sparing some people's valuable time and decision in playing this game.

    I'm a BNS veteran and I can sincerely advise you don't waste your time like I did. I've played the KR version for about 2 years, the RUS knockoff version for another 6 months and now the NA version since the start. The game has a great combat engine, but everything else sucks. PvE is very limited, and the difficulty for the NA version has been nerfed, so most mechanics become zergs at end game. Everything pretty much comes down to doing 4m or 6man dungeons which have zero team effort and promote no sense of teamwork whatsoever. Guilds provide little or no benefits as 4/6m dungeons force you to fall into cliques within the guild and most people just end up pugging them. PvP is terrible, the combat is amazing, but the classes are unbalanced since day 1, and NCSoft is too preoccupied releasing cash sinks like new outfits every week, pets and treasure trove events rather than fix the balancing issue. Thus PvP feels really cheated, and frustrating, there's always one or 2 classes that take up the top 10 in the leaderboards, sometimes top 25. Gearing takes forever, LOTS of grinding and hoping for RNGesus to bless you, unless you P2W. And I'm not exaggerating by no means. It literally takes 1000s of gold just to get anywhere at end game.

    TLDR: BNS is ok if you don't like pve or pvp and like to grind for gear that you have no need for with the nerfed/limited content provided.

    • DucturTunma

      I actually were looking up to this game and liked it A LOT when I started. But once I got to the late game where I got into infinite grinding dungeons daily loop which didn't feel awarding at all, I quit. Tried to come back 3 times but it was still the same if not even worse. I haven't calculated this properly but I think that it was impossible for free players to catch up to the max gear before it gets update even more. Idk, maybe they have stopped now.
      Gameplay and visuals are awesome, although combat could be a bit less smashy.
      Some things like Partying and PvP balance were not that good but I could overlook.
      Grinding is what killed the game for me hard. And to get materials for your upgrades, you have to do dungeons which are too hard if you don't have better geared party members who of course don't want a weakling like you in they teams (dunno of what PvE nerfs are you talking about because when I played the game it really was hard in late game)

      EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention Gold sellers and bots ruining the game

  • Kizaru77

    and dont forget, its still pay2win...

  • This game is so nice to watch 😉