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Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an action oriented 3D fantasy MMORPG with a large, open world to explore. The game boasts highly detailed graphics and character models along with a plethora of gameplay features like crafting, player housing, mounted combat, animal breeding, and group PvP battles.

Publisher: Daum Games
Playerbase: High
Release Date: March 3, 2016 (NA/EU)
Pros: +Amazing graphics and character designs. +Active combat with manual aiming and dodging. +Player housing. +Involved crafting and minigames. +Large scale PvP Castle sieges.
Cons: -Systems introduced poorly. -Gender locked classes. -Needs high-performance PC.



Black Desert Online Overview

Black Desert Online is a sandbox MMORPG offering stunning graphics and action oriented gameplay in a Western fantasy aesthetic. Choose from one of eight character classes and distinguish your avatar through an extensive character customization tool, that lets you manipulate nearly every aspect of your character. Defeat weasels, goblins, and gargantuan world bosses with a fluid combat system that requires manual aiming and active dodging. Invest in cities by trading, buying property, and sending caravans between encampments to maximize profits. Hire workers to gather resources and craft sought after items. Converse with NPC's to learn more about the game's world and unlock additional quests and items through an intricate mini-game. Join a guild and engage in guild warfare, vying for control of scarce resources. Sail the high seas aboard your own vessel and explore pockmarked islands in an expansive open world.

  • Parkour System - players can interact and climb over buildings and obstacles to easily navigate environments.
  • Guild Warfare - joing a guild and wage warfare against other guilds for control of resources, and defeat overwhelming world bosses.
  • Robust Trading System - hire workers to collect resources and establish trade routes to maximize profits.
  • Active Combat System - manual aiming and positioning culminate in fluid combat that doesn't rely on tab-targeting.
  • Mount Battles - Players will also be able to battle atop mounts which must be tamed and can be bred to produce unique varieties.
  • Character Customization - design your avatar with one of the most intricate character customization systems in any MMORPG.

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Full Review

Black Desert Online Review

By, Sean Sullivan

The hype train express has finally arrived, and Black Desert Online was swarmed before it could place a foot on the platform. I have never witnessed such manic exuberance for a game, and I blame character creation videos and Black Desert’s impressive screenshots for inspiring the hype. It’s presentation at a distance is brilliant, and if this was a book fair I would spend my allowance based on the cover alone. But it’s time to shed cultish allegiances and ardent distaste to decide if Black Desert Online is worth playing.

From Frankenstein To Supermodel

Black Desert Online’s character creator inspired hundreds of YouTube videos showing off spectacular and realistic avatar before it released. And hands-on the creator is impressive. Nearly every body part can be manipulated, from feet to cheeks. With enough patience artisan players can sculpt their own celebrity lookalike, and stop worshipping a bubblegum shine in their closet. While the creator may look like the pinnacle of MMORPGs, in practice it has Mariana Trench depth at one location in the ocean.

Players alter their appearance within a framework, but can’t craft any look they want. Each class has a distinct aesthetic and players manipulate their character in deviations from the default image. So, you can’t make a Witch look like a Ranger or a Berserker look like a Warrior; there’s no blank slate avatar. But you can sculpt a Sorceress doppleganger of Emma Watson, if that’s how you want to spend your time. Don’t get me wrong. It is an amazing character creator but it’s not versatile. There are limits, but within the character creator’s confines you can create both supermodels and freakish monstrosities.

It’s worth noting that classes are gender-locked—except for Witch and Wizard, which have nearly identical playstyles. And there’s no race selection; races are tied to class. So Giants can’t be anything but Berserkers and only Rangers are elves. I don’t mind but I know some players are turned off by the lack of both genders. As long as I can play female classes and express my true self (a lesbian trapped in a man’s body) I’m happy.

Quivering Viscera

Was your viscera rumbling in anticipation of Black Desert’s action combat? I know the first time I witnessed a video of a Ranger spinning around goblin hordes, pulling off stylish attacks like a Bronx B-boy, I was impressed. And after playing I did become addicted to combat. It was my opiate after learning how to string together moves by mixing mouse and keyboard combinations. I felt the gusto of each hit as the screen shakes and enemies crumble. It’s a refreshing mechanic.

I ruined some helpless weasel’s day as a Ranger by left-clicking to use a basic shot, then holding S and Left click to fire two arrows, pressed Q to segue into a bomb arrow, and then I danced out of the way while firing more arrows into a smoldering weasel carcass.There is a large library of skills to keep the flow of combat fresh but I’m constantly forgetting combinations, such as Shift plus Right Click and F, which is a Karate Kid roundhouse kick.

But there’s almost no point in pulling off dance moves when slapping an imp would be just as effective. The mobs are easy, almost too easy. You can dodge around wildlife and spam regents like a potion-aholic so your health never drops below half. And holding left-click is a viable method of taking down single-target mobs while The Life and Times of Tim plays on YouTube. But single-target PvE isn’t designed to be challenging.

In a surprising twist Black Desert Online returns to its Korean MMORPG roots by emphasizing group-mob grinding, where AOEing enemies is the fastest way to absorb experience. Run around an area tagging as many mobs as possible, and decimate them like one big happy family. If you’re the type of player who only uses moves because the engagement’s context forces you to, you won’t have fun grinding. To make PvE valuable you have to understand your classes skillset and pop off dazzling attacks, or it's going to grow stale.

But don’t play Black Desert Online if you’re only interested in combat. Play if you want to inhabit a world.

What Was That French Word?

Black Desert Online is the first new MMORPG that evokes a je ne sais quoi feeling of a living world. NPC’s drive caravans between villages, annoying children run past my oversized thighs, and towns bustle with villagers (maybe too many). Crumbling towers decorate the horizon, and can be explored if you’re feeling adventurous. Looking at the map brings up pockmarked islands waiting for a boat to land on their shores. At a distance the game dresses itself as what I envisioned MMORPGs would look like as a kid. It begs to be explored and thanks to the parkour system mountains and towers can be conquered.

And no fast travel is a beautiful thing. Black Desert Online clamps your eyeballs and screams, “Do you see!”

However, the world is not endless. There are invisible walls, which is disconcerting when you bump into them. However, the walls are not random but at the limits of the game’s world and are, hopefully, placeholders for future expansions. I hope to see the game world expand enormously. Because Black Desert Online is fantastic for any player who enjoys exploring.

As is the theme with Black Desert, Contribution Points are a seemingly complex endeavor because it's introduced poorly. Peeling back the veil reveals a micromanagement system that requires careful consideration to maximize. I don’t mind tearing apart the internet in search of an answer, but the lacking explanation will dissuade some players from even attempting to understand. And they miss out on crafting.

No Resume Needed

Black Desert Online’s extensive crafting spans eight spheres: shaking, grinding, chopping, drying, thinning, heating, cooking, and—the black sheep—alchemy. It’s a lot of “ings” but a simple process. If you have the ingredients you can make the product, even if you don’t know what exactly you’ll get by throwing weeds and mineral water in a test tube. Because there are no recipes. Crafting is a trial-and-error process where you smash items together and see if they stick. Not everything works. And you find out passively, by watching your character struggle to figure out what to do with the items as a progress bar ticks down.

Luckily, crafting doesn’t end with hoarding the right materials by manually gathering them and clicking a button. Player must invest Contribution Points in houses to unlock workshops and turn their materials into valuable items, whether that be a ship or a box of potatoes. The more intricate the item the more value it has, the more money it will reap on the market. And players have to hire workers to create the items at their house, adding to the Contribution Point micromanagement system that will turn any player into a certified Trump University manager.

Many items take an enormous number of resources, including time. Items can take hours to create. It’s a drawn out process that requires preparation and patience. And while it isn’t necessary to garner the best gear in the game it does help pay the bills (or build a boat).

Crafting and Contribution Points turn trade into a tactical juggling of seemingly endless tasks to reap a profit. Players can sit around all day fidgeting with the market, setting up routes and crafts, and trying to get the best price. It’s a well-developed avenue with more depth than many other MMORPGs. But players cannot craft endlessly. Every action they undertake costs energy.

Energy System

So, here’s a sphere of the game that’s been downplayed everywhere I look. Nearly every action, from gathering to taking on quests, costs energy. And players have a set amount of energy (which can be increased as they play). If a player runs out of energy they can’t perform tasks, such as fishing, but must wait until energy recovers—at a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes—or perform repeatable quests (fairly simple) to restore a minor amount.

Luckily, players can increase energy by goofing around: talking to every NPC, killing every monster, picking every herb. Every time you perform a new task you earn knowledge, stored in a portable Xanga journal. The more knowledge you accumulate the more energy you gain. So it’s worth talking to Bartleby the goblin, if only to increase your knowledge and your energy pool. It’s a smart way to force players to invest themselves in the world.

While energy limitations have been criticized it does force players to choose tasks with prudence, preventing AFK, lackluster experiences. You must carefully decide what exactly you want to do. General chat also costs energy (1) which makes players second guess what they are about to type out, preventing General from becoming Barrens (which may or may not be a bad thing).

Social Minigames

Sticking with forced world involvement, players can use energy to interact with NPCs through a conversation mini-game—to increase their Amity (standing) and unlock new items, quests, and rewards. Every NPC has their own interests. And to talk to an NPC you must know something about their interests. So if one NPC enjoys discussing Hot Dogs you better run out and learn everything you can. Then, pressing the conversation tab opens up a mini-game where players drag and drop knowledge to meet a random criteria. If it's fulfilled you improve your standing.

The conversation minigame is another way in which Black Desert Online motivates players to immerse themselves in its world, to care about each opportunity. Questgivers aren’t just static mannequins asking you to cleanse their field of vermin, but sources of knowledge and placeholders for future opportunities.

But it’s also another confusing system that is introduced horribly. I watched videos and read guides before feeling confident about what I was doing. But it is rewarding, and addictive. You can use it to seduce NPCs like Horse Tamers to reduce costs and unlock additional items to pimp out your, include stirrups to unlock mounted combat. Be sure to pray to Odin before starting the mini-game as there is a good deal of RNG involved.

No Endgame?

No, there is no [traditional] endgame in Black Desert Online. There is no instance raiding or repetitive dungeoning for incremental gear upgrades. As someone who abhors the notion of “endgame,” and believes it’s emphasis has perverted the genre, I’m perfectly fine with Black Desert’s max level gameplay. So what do you do when you max out then?

When players finally soft-cap their level, which doesn’t take long for players built-to-grind, they’ll join a guild and wage large scale warfare against other guilds. Fight for territory and impose taxes on monopolized resources. Find a guild whose name you despise and turn them into your rivals like its West Side Story (killing each other through song and dance). I’ve seen videos of 100v100 warfare. Whether or not that will happen I have no idea. Instead I imagine the one guild with more people will decimate anyone that steps on their turf.

Other than zerg warfare players will spend time grinding mobs for resources to enhance their gear. There is no traditional gear progression. Instead players enchant their gear to improve stats to be better equipped to kill their neighbor. It’s not a bad way to mitigate gear upgrades but it does mean that players of the same class look alike at the end of the day.

There’s also arena PvP as 1v1 or 3v3 combat, mainly for glory. Open world PvP exists, but PKers will endure harsh penalties for slaughtering innocents, eventually losing enough karma that city guards turn on them. I imagine adamant PKers will either not care or create alts solely for open world raiding, as max level can be achieved in less than a day.

But PvPing isn’t really the endgame. The line between what constitutes “endgame” and the game seems not to exist in Black Desert. Because the whole game is the endgame. You can still trade, explore, craft, grind, etc. at max level; the system of play isn't altered once max level is achieved. Additional opportunities crop up, but the endgame goal is the gameplay itself. Every task is a means to its own end.

Cash Shop - Should I Call Shenanigans?

So now of course I've got to talk cash shop. Is the game pay-to-win? No, at least not in an overarching, absolute sense of the term. If there are tiers of pay-to-win then Black Desert’s cash shop is the bottom tier, with plenty of convenience items that can be construed as providing a significant advantage through experience bonuses and pets that make looting an army of the dead easy.

If you are a competitive player, a person who plays in the top tier of PvP with the Big Dogs, then yes you will likely be at a disadvantage without that experience buff, because you won’t unlock all of your skills before the guy with it. We’re talking a percent of the percent here.For the vast majority of players the game is not pay-to-win. But there are plenty of pay-to-not-be-annoyed items.

The main uproar regarding the cash shop is cosmetic items with experience buffs, that cost about $29. Because Black Desert doesn’t offer much gear variety the only way to distinguish your character is through the cash shop by buying outfits or dyes. (Of course, if everyone bought a costume it wouldn’t make a difference would it?) The costumes do look fantastic, and I think part of the reaction to the price was because they look great.

I will say I think artificially limited inventory space is ridiculous in a game I paid for, even if I can earn more slots by questing. What number would I be happy with? Double what you start with. And yes there are many ways to store items on your mount, boat, warehouse, etc. But, artificially limiting bag space is a scummy tactic employed by the entire genre to motivate microtransactions, and the entire genre has decide to adopt it.

Final Verdict - Great

Black Desert Online is not for everyone, hence polarizing player reviews with open hostilities and fanboyism. But it is made for the type of player I am, somebody who involves themselves in everything a game has to offer, from trading to guild wars. But love it or hate it, BDO cannot be insulted as generic game amid an ocean of MMORPG clones. And having played the past few days I realized Black Desert is the reason I’ve stayed up until 3AM (way past my bedtime) for the first time in almost three years. And more than anything else at this very moment, I would rather be playing Black Desert Online than writing this review.



Black Desert Online Screenshots


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System Requirements

Black Desert Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or 8 (32 bit)
CPU: Intel Core i3-530 2.9 GHz / AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 / 9800 GTX / AMD Radeon HD 3870 x2
Hard Disk Space: 40 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows 8 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-650 3.2 GHz / AMD Phenom II X3 740 Black Edition or better
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 / GTX 550 ti / AMD Radeon HD 7750 or better
Hard Disk Space: 40 GB


Black Desert Online Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Black Desert Online Additional Information

Developer: Pearl Abyss

Engine: Custom Built (In-House)

Director: Kim Daeil
Art Director: Seo Yongsu

Closed Alpha: October 27, 2015
Closed Alpha End: November 01, 2015

Closed Beta 1: December 16, 2015
Closed Beta 1 End: December 22, 2015

Closed Beta 2: February 18, 2016
Closed Beta 2 End: February 22, 2016

Release Date: March 03, 2016

Development History / Background:

Black Desert Online is developed by Korean game studio Pearl Abyss. Development began in 2010 and entered closed beta testing in South Korea on October 17, 2013, and was IP-locked to the region. Pearl Abyss developed their own game engine specifically for Black Desert, to render numerous characters concurrently. A publishing deal was signed with Gamenet to release the game in Russia as a free to play title. Daum Games is handling the North America/European release, but Black Desert Online will use a buy to play model in both regions. A closed alpha test for both North America and Europe began on October 27, 2015 and ran until November 01, 2015. The first closed beta test was held on December 16, 2015 and ended on December 22, 2015. The second closed beta test (CBT2) opened on February 18,2016 and ended on February 22, 2016, followed by the game's full release as a buy-to-play title on March 03, 2016

  • I suspect the Western release for Black Desert Online will be in Early 2016. Daum is hiring English speakers in Europe already to begin work on localizing the game =)

    • AtlasRedux

      Well suspected!

  • dankmank

    Black Desert is an incredibly easy game to enjoy with quality exploring and tons of things to do to make the gameplay interesting.
    You simply just get lost within the amazing world and end up spending a lot of time on basically anything that catch your interest.

    • yui

      It is far from easy if you want to be good and not just mash buttons against monsters.

      • Tim Sigler

        he said it's easy to enjoy...

      • AtlasRedux

        That wasn't the point. Read the damn thing before you comment. The point is that it's easy to ENJOY, not with single bloody word was it mentioned that the game is easy to PLAY.

      • Cedric Biester

        Yui isn't clever
        Yui reads the first 6 words and writes his comment
        Dont be dumb
        Don't be like yui

  • Xabier Iglesias

    I'd love to get a key too, but im so unlucky i'll probably won't get one xDD

    • Karin

      ohhh boo hoo, jeez

      • James WTF

        oh look another 12 year old, go somewhere else pleb

  • fNeL

    i hope you can macro more skills than it is display on the screen

    • omnisemantic1

      The game plays nothing like a typical mmo. Skills are executed with combinations from several buttons + directions, and combat flows much better with a pad. So for ex. an attack would be pressing back + B while holding the right trigger You can slot the skills and execute with number keys or with mouse clicks, but it simply makes no sense...

      • fNeL

        I was actually hoping it would be similar like ffxivarr

        • NegativeBackflow

          I'm so happy it isn't.

  • yui

    The game is very complicated if you want to compete right when you enter the 50-60 lvl area.
    The node system and everything really gets me a headache although it is rewarding to understand it, put your nodes through a map, hire worked and get resources etc.

    I guess im just too used to typical mmos such as WoW where crafting is just some sort of a "minigame" where crafting, trading in BDO is the most important thing if you want to compete.

    Great game, rather a hard learning curve.

    • Prepared

      Agreed. The combat looks good, graphics look great! But when I saw a video of someone doing the node thing at high level -- I was like WTF? It's as if the entire leveling from 1 to 50 is a tutorial and when you get to level 50 that's when everything begins. Talk about end game having lots to do. This game will rock for awhile.

    • Karin

      This is the only review that is even close to the truth here. You can't judge this game until you've spent at LEAST a week playing it. It's incredibly complex and there's a ton to learn. This is NOT your usual MMO thats for sure, and people with half a brain are seriously loving it. It's by far the most immersive game I have ever played I am seriously starting to love it, and I haven't loved a game in a long time.

      • Ember Spirit

        Its kinda like a mix of guild wars 2 and arch age.

  • Tyler Allen

    I assume this game has the best graphics out of any MMORPG right now. Looks so fun, but too bad its going to be buy to play 🙁 I might still pick it up though.

    • Meri

      Looks good idd, hard to compare the two but I guess eve online is one of the most amazing looking mmos out there.. if you zoom in enough 😀

  • Panagiotis Kapetangeorgis

    This game rocks! I bought it

  • milkoz

    T_T ip blocked so i cant enjoy this great game

    • Seva

      Better for you 🙂 Don't spend your time in this bullshit.

  • Quagorn

    Customization, just so people know, there are gender locked classes unfortuantly. I did not know this and bought the game....
    I hate to play female, I just can't releate to a female character in RPG's, so for me this was a huge downer. The fact that I can't play the hunter or tamer class without beeing female was a complete dealbreaker for me.

    The rest of the customization reminds a lot of the Sims 4 customization. Drag body parts to make them smaller, longer or wider etc.

    Also, there are som seriously shitty effects when swinging your weapons, somehow my sword creates sparkles like a welding torch when i wave it, not even final fantasy exaggerate the effects that much.

    Controls remind me a lot of ESO and Guild Wars 2. Dodging and so on. Combat the first hours were easy, just roll away when something big happens and charge back in.

    What I really liked was that I could attack mid air, so I could basicly charge an enemy jump up and stab them in the face with the sword Troy style (refrence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ8S8_O0OYM)

    Big open and beautiful world. If it was a tad less anime-like i would probably love even more.
    Don't get me wrong, I love anime, but I like to have keep school girl cuteness and weird animal people away from my games.

    • Anthony Derome

      I've never had that issue with relating to either gender. Maybe because i see them as people more than female or male.

      • Quagorn

        I did play a female Shadowknight in everquest 2, for a pretty long time too, evne joined a raiding guild and played some pvp. What I can't handle is when they make all the females half nude in their skimpy outfits, this was not a problem in EQ2, but now-a-days all female clothing unrealisticly revealing, this totally shits on my game experience when it comes to beeing a female in games.

        • disqus_fuiZF2QUfO

          Doesn't have anything to do with "now-a-days". It's just Asia thing. And it was like that in EQ2 time already 🙂

      • Patrick M. Croft

        Same here except replace "people" with "bag of stats"

    • Mike MacDonald

      LOL wow sounds like you have bigger issues.... Who cares what the toon is looks like, the game is amazing.

      • Quagorn

        Woah, looks like I hit a nerve.

      • Redrum

        lol "toon"

        I cringed

  • Seva

    Black Desert is a bad game. Even ArcheAge and Vindictus are better.

    • Fil T

      Don't even mention ArcheAge. There is no way you can compare an ounce of Black Desert to the piece of shit ArcheAge. Here's a bit of proof, and it's everywhere on the internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG06WAxoR9k

      • Seva

        Arheage is better than Black Desert for a mile. Truly SANDBOX game in REAL open world PVP. Don't wanna auto run that rides me to the objective for stupid people. What the fuck. Are you comparing that toy with an hardcore game?

        Tell me just one thing that makes Black Desert better game than ArcheAge 🙂

        In fact, ArcheAge is the best option right now out of the box right now and in therms of SANDBOX

        Arenas? Serious? Just go for wow or something like that to play instanced arenas in a open PVP world. Its just stupid, just like that raged japanese kid.

        In therms of combat......oh boy, what can i say. I hate arcade Vindictus and now i hate BDO. Is terrible. For playing this i prefer to spend my time on Devil My Cry...

        • Michael Labrie Gamache

          sound like a big hater to me. I waited for this one since years...

        • Cedric Biester

          Did you said AA is a hardcore game ? Did you ever lost a fucking 400 USD Titan in EvE, that's what I call hardcore

          And to bad that AA is dead and pay2win shit with his labour shit system

        • Blarney77

          Speaking of Haters......
          BDO has been out almost a year in NA and gee... still not F2P, but you can buy it for $10! NOT Pay to Win, it's well updated, expanding all the time. More to do than any game I have played since Asheron's Call! Not really for hardcore PVPers, but PVP is there. Great for solo, group, or guild stuff. So MUCH to do in the game, whatever you wanna do.
          AA is a dying game, like SOOO many others.
          People bash WoW, but it's still the king. They give great content. BDO has more content than anything except MAYBE WoW. The combat is great, and after playing for close to a year I really have never seen the complaints posted here a year ago. But some people want to have their hand held through a game, or are looking for a MOBA, not an MMO, and bash it cuz it's not.
          And as for gender locked characters... SO FREAKIN' WHAT? Most class types do have male / female versions with only slight differences. And the others actually have a reason they are only female, Like Ranger or Tamer or Sorceress. Hmm.. Sorceress, yeah... actually a deep story line for Sorc.
          It's DIFFERENT! If you don't LIKE Different, Don't PLAY IT!
          Why does a game that doesn't fit YOUR particular play style a crap game? Maybe the problem is the hater-player?? Hell, I don't like sports games, but I don't bash them cuz I prefer to not play them. It's called MATURITY. Try it some time!

    • NegativeBackflow

      "Black Desert is a bad game in my opinion"


  • Raiza Santos

    S.E.A service pls

  • james rich

    The combat feels great I'm this game. It takes some skill to fight, not just hitting hot keys to win.

    • disqus_UqPckztWj5

      takes some *gear to fight.

  • Jordi Geerts

    It's all subjective, but here goes.

    IMO a terrible MMO for 30 bucks.

    The combat is solid and the graphics look nice ... when you are standing still.


    - The PvE content is a joke. No need to time or anything, just keep spamming your skills and you win.
    - Housing is pointless.
    - Pop-in makes it feel like I'm playing a N64 game.
    - Quests are so unoriginal and boring. No thought put into any of it
    - The story is an absolute joke.
    - Barely any PvE endgame content.
    - Very few customization options in terms of clothing. Who cares much about the face when every player looks the same cause
    they all wear the same clothes >_>
    - World is small, specially compared to other MMO's and especially against MMO's you pay for
    - Grouping is god aweful.The game doesn't keep you and your party together in terms of quests. Half the time we check to see
    if we are all even.
    - Fetch Quests galore. THEY ARE NOT FUN!
    - Gender restricted classes? Wouldn't be a problem if there were more classes.
    - Micro transactions up the ass and not just for cosmetic stuff. And that for a 30 dollar game?
    - Endless levels for what? Just so you can say "no level cap"?

    I'm sorry, but I play a lot of MMO's and this one disappointed me so much that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    • mpf088

      - If you spam your skills on summon bosses, or big scale pvp you'll get wrecked or at the very best be completely useless. Combos do take timing and intricate knowledge of the class you're playing to successfully pull off.
      - The housing system is essential for crafting, gathering, and farming. Far from useless.
      - No clue what you mean here.
      - No different from any other MMO
      - Yes, the localization and translation were terrible. Dont play this game for the story.
      - If you're looking for PVE end game content, you're in the wrong game. There is however, more end game content than say the atrocity that was WoW post TBC.
      - Unfortunately true. Although the character customization elsewhere is extremely in-depth and can create some unique looking characters.
      - Not sure what map you're looking at but the world is huge and the entire map is always viable. Compare this to say WoW where a previous contents zone becomes obsolete with each expansion.
      - Questing in this game is not intended to do in groups. Grouping is for grinding mobs and earning level exp, not questing.
      - Same as any other MMO.
      - More classes will be arriving later, this is a Korean MMO and we're a couple of years behind in terms of content.
      - The only non cosmetic items in the cash store are quality of life (expanded slots, pets that pick stuff up, increased weight limit, etc.) None of these are things you can't get by grinding them out in game.
      - 50 is basically a soft cap. After that, leveling up takes days of grinding.

      • Tyler

        "If you're looking for PVE end game content, you're in the wrong game. There is however, more end game content than say the atrocity that was WoW post TBC."

        This is 100% false. WoW has had its fair share of issues, but it is easily is still one of the best for endgame content. The biggest problem has been the gaps between expansions, so it can get stale for the hardcore players. Black Desert basically has no endgame content, and has less PVP modes and areas than WoW -- definitely less PVE. People just like to go against grain, and most of the people who complain about WoW have never even been in a good PVE or PVP guild. Post TBC? WotLK was one of the best expansions. I've played a ton of MMORPGs and the only one that can compete with WoW in terms of endgame content is FFXIV. Black Desert is a different type of game that has its own pros and cons.

        • mpf088

          WoTLK was a mediocre expansion where re-hashing and easy mode gear began. The PVP consists of arenas and BGs, open world PVP is absolutely non-existent (cough flying mounts cough.) There are absolutely 0 repercussions for dying in a pvp engagement in WoW, your items dont even lose durability. WoW PvP WAS fun when people would raid capital cities en masse, or an AV queue took 40 minutes to pop so everyone would play objectives to make an epic battle instead of zerging the enemy teams boss.

          Having lots of raid bosses does not mean a game has end game PVE content. As soon as a new raid is released, the previous raid is obsolete, it is no longer end game content. When you finish leveling in a zone, it is no longer content, that zone is obselete. You will never visit that zone again. At level cap, your farming spots are in one MAYBE two zones depending on what you're trying to do. Your PVE end game content is ONE raid dungeon on three different difficulties. WOOOOOOOOO CONTENT. There is no way standing in a capital city waiting for an arena/LFR/LFG queue to pop equates to more end game than laying siege to or defending a city, funding your guilds war and guild housing, and expanding your own trade routs. PVE end game content, sure wow may have more than that by a single raid dungeon, but BDO will have vastly more playability and things to do after level cap since the entire game world still serves purposes outside of just leveling through them.

    • Chase Masters

      Thank you. I was on the fence but these things are important to me as well. I am enjoying ESO Thieves guild DLC and will happily stay there.

    • Cristi Cristi

      so true,i bousgt it and dissapoint me so bad.only char customization and thats all.terrible as a game.

    • DevilMayCry898

      I played the F2P Russian Version and I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Sorry if you thought I would say I would but no I will not recommend it.

    • Damon Roger

      Good thing you can buy it for $10 then.

  • blehblehbleh735

    watched this game on twitch, from source so i could get an idea of the graphics.

    i've gotta say im not impressed. the graphics look like they were ripped off from a horror game. (that's what makes them so impressive the realism of graphics!) ... no, watching this guy swing his sword once like every two seconds almost put me to sleep. the graphics doesn't fit the game.
    finally the guy was attk'd in open world pvp... was excited to see how this would go.
    - what happened, he swung some times, the other guy swung some times.... after like 5min, they couldn't kill each other and went their seperate ways.
    the game looks as unexciting as the pvp fight was, super glad i didn't spend 30$ on this trash.

    it'll be free to play in a year or two, though i doubt i'll play it even then, maybe if they paid me to play it then i'd waste my time in this garbage.

    • Tamara Hazel

      It will be free to play in a couple of months.

      • Cedric Biester

        That's what they keep saying with WoW since years.

      • Sainantha Khumar

        and 2 years have passed its still buy to play

    • DevilMayCry898

      I played the Russian Version and I wasn't impressed by it. Its not bad but its certainly not worth 30$ to play when it'll most likely go F2P like several others that did it this way. EX: Guild Wars 2.

      • Cedric Biester

        Gw2 isn't rly like BDO, EvE is more like BDO.

      • Lega

        Guild wars 2 was more then two years buy to play and GW2 went free to play because developers actually do care about their customers unlike some who only care about the money *cough* blizzard *cough*, original game is free to play there are still limitations though, but if you buy expansion you get both original and expansion, unlike some where you need to buy both vanilla game and expansions...

        • Bahska

          wow has been free to play for a long time. You buy xpacs yes, that's it.
          I haven't paid real money for a sub in over a year, no limitations. in the US a 30 day sub bought from blizzard on the auction house is currently 40k gold you can make nearly triple that just playing the game, no AH, in a month. A hand full of hours played a week tops and with only 1 toon at cap.

          • Shiloh Kleinschmit

            you can only go to level 20,then you have to pay once a month.

  • Tamara Hazel

    Black Desert is a giant poop with a bow on top to attract lesser minds. Archeage 2 anyone?

  • disqus_UqPckztWj5

    I play purely for PvP:
    The game is gear based.
    Completely. Gear. Based.

    I cannot stand being one shot up by a skill-less 49 yr old virgin who just plays 24/7 and thinks he's the big man. Haha.
    I would not recommend it to anyone.

    • Nikusuke Doguro

      Not really. I have played against lvl 58 while being lvl 57 and way less geared and have still managed to win several times (tamer vs wizard and tamer vs valk). They had about 40% more dmg and defense. Wizard could reduce my health to 80% with a single skill and I could do about 50% damage to his health with my full combo. They key to win was to use block, stuns, throws and blinks in a more intelligent way than your opponent. If you are good at mind games then you can compensate your gear difference. But if your opponent is also good at mind games and have much better equipment - yeah, you are screwed.

  • Arnybiro

    The Gender locked classes are bullshit. Yes some class only has a Male or Female version, like the Giant or Tamer, but the other classes has female and male genders too, like the WItch/Wizard combo or Warrior/Valkyre and so on.

    • They're not the same, with skill differences and post-awakening specialties.

      • Arnybiro

        Yes, ofc they have different skills pre- or post-awakening, but the overall mechanisms are the same. Witch works exactly the same as Wizard, Valkyre like Warrior, Ninja or Konuichi and so on. Overal they have more similaritys than difference. And this is true to they gender too.

        • Matt

          Yeah, but Valk and War aren't like Ninja/Kunoichi (which are COMPLETELY different post-awakening) or Witch/Wizard, which are the closest for male/female parallels. Valk and War are actually two different classes.

          • Arnybiro

            Ok, let's get over with the Warrior/Valkyre duo. Although they work different they can be each others counterpart as gender. But let's have a look at Witch/Wizard or Ninja/Kunoichi or Blader/F. Blader. Despite they have some different skills, pre- or post awakened this does not matter now, they have much more similaritys then differences. And that's why i said it is not easy to say the classes are gender locked.

          • Blarney77

            Not even Blader anymore! heh... Musa / Mehwah, but still.... this game chooses to have genderlocked classes unlike other games. YES, it's typical Korean that the females are generally represented rather sexually. But that's the Asian style. If you don't like it, DON'T PLAY IT! But don't bash it cuz it's not what YOU like. The height of arrogance is expecting everything to be what YOU like. Grow up and deal with it or play something else! SHEEEESH!

    • Matt

      Warrior and Valkyrie are two completely different classes that only share a few common skills. War is a full-on tank, while Valk is a tank/support combo.

  • solod

    Some time Lineage killed my interest in MMO. But this one In fact is the first MMO i like to play as "single player game" and go through quests but the main story is quite boring. Liked fighting. The thing i dont't like is trade and inventory system but I appreciate the try.

  • Blair09

    The game sucks. I would go on in detail but I am presently trying to remove the horrible memory of it through huffing gas. Kidding of course but the game makes me want to try it.

    P.s. Don't huff gas kids.

  • Shiloh Kleinschmit

    I can see,after waiting so long for this game,that I wont be buying it after all.Sounds like too much bullshite to put up with.What with all the loot drop crap,the not being able to defend yourself when someone else is on you,etc.
    I'll stick to ESO.Its got good character customization,is fairly simple in regards to the inventory,combat,and leveling. Its just a dream to play.I wanted BDO as an alternative for when ESO is down for maintenance,but not now.Thank all of you for informinging me of all the downfalls.I havent seen much in the way of pros for it.

    • Blarney77

      I think you have been reading too much from Haters and Trolls! You have a massively wrong idea. But hey, if $10 is too much to spend to check out the game yourself and form YOUR OWN opinion... well.... maybe you like others telling you what to think!

  • Asuna

    Best MMO ever seen.

  • Abrar Eresh

    question. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW!! so i can't buy bdo cause ip block. i can use vpn. but the question is will they block my account cause of it? i really need to know. it's on sale for only 2 more days and i wanna buy it.

  • Psycrowslip

    I Dont feel its fair that an amazing game like this is not available in my country , no good games are . I Have been waiting to play this for so long now i find out that i cant just because of the country i live in > South Africa . There is so much potential for game growth here yet no one wants to give us a shot .

    • Blarney77

      Hey, if I could play BDO when it was a Korean Beta ONLY, and I'm in USA, then I would think there would be a lotta ways for you to play from SA. It's the Internet. Use a good VPN showing you in the US/EU and BAM, you're in! 😉 Ethical? hmmm....

  • Blarney77

    VERY OLD and outdated and very WRONG info here.
    Hardcore PVPers will not like this game. THANK GOD!!! Kinda tired of those types destroying my experience in a game cuz they love to gank lower levels and make life hell for others. THOSE kinds generally are not found in BDO. That being said, if there are too many people grinding a particular area OR PVP gankers making life hell, just CHANGE CHANNELS and you Quickly continue on.... Now ONLY ONE server. 36 CHANNELS, there is a time restriction of 10 mins between channel switching. But that is understandable.
    And note that Thatos is quoting other trolls and haters rather than checking out the game himself. Shallow shallow shallow....

  • Blarney77

    Okay... many of these posts are WAY WAY OLD or even made from heresay! The game can be purchased with no frills for TEN DOLLARS! (Convert for your needs, but that is CHEAP!)
    The point.... TRY IT YOURSELF before you go jumping on the bashing train.
    This is NOT geared towards "HARDCORE PVP"! If you wanna play a MOBA, then play a MOBA. This ain't it.
    MANY of the sticking points of this game have been ironed out quite a bit. The biggest being a major streamlining of the Marketplace system. You can even put in pre-order bids to buy before it actually goes up to the public for those hard to find items. There are no Bots allowed, and they ARE caught and banned when they are found.
    It has great combat, no more tab targeting. Awesome crafting and other non-combat activities. MANY MANY ways to make money when you are not even playing, but sleeping or at work!
    This game REWARDS AFK PLAY! You can do fishing AFK. You can do various training (crafting, personal or horse training) AFK, it does not log you out or penalize you for NOT being at your keyboard as most games do! Those pesky boring long time crafting thousands or all day fishing can be done even minimized to task bar with little system resources used, and I often start my fishing and go do something else, even play another game, while BDO is running quietly in the background. (I DO recommend more than 8gigs RAM if you want to play another game with BDO running. It does eat about 3 - 3.5 gigs even minimized) But my FX-8350, 16gigs, and GTX-970 play WOW, DOOM, Borderlands2, or GW2 for example quite well with BDO in the background running AFK!
    Explore, Craft, Train, Quest, Solo, Group, Guild runs, New content all the time. Seasons change like few others, WEATHER is the best I have ever seen. Muddy puddles look real. Characters look WET, SNOW actually crunches, snow falls wind blows, thunderstorms feel real. You level up really quickly to about 15 or so, then a bit slower to 20 - 25, then a bit slower.. etc. When you hit 50 it is noticeably slower.... then 56 you get awakening weapon and skills, but leveling becomes tough, but big groups doing big groups of mobs level faster. Etc. beyond 56 is slow and a grind, but there is much more to do even there. NOW we have an OPEN OCEAN area that is larger than the whole rest of the game. Guild ships, player ships, sailboats, fishing boats, life on the water. Life wherever.

    Come out and play and see what there is to do. Don't let haters and trolls guide you.

  • ian stead

    can some on pls give me a key, mine got stolen like i just want to play the game but i cant get another. Like pls if you have a key just email me or send a message pls i just want to play the game looks like a decent mmo.

  • darkfyra

    Won't pick it even if if I though about it because of the obnoxious anti cheat system

  • EazyMakaveli

    BDO is labeled as a hardcore pvp game, but the truth is the pvp is a fucking joke. Gear matter so much that any amount of skill become irrelevant if your opponent has even slightly better gear than you.

    Also, there are only 2 viable grind spots in the entire game. You will be leveling in the same place as players with billions of silver worth of gear over you that will 1 shot you on sight. This is your "hardcore pvp": getting 1 shot by people who are miles ahead of you. Sound fun right?

    You wont experience decent pvp unless you grind for 5 hours every day for 5 months straight. Maybe then you might have some fun killing low level players.

    If you are looking for a hardcore pvp experience as the game promotes, look elsewhere.

  • Adil M. Zade

    Downloaded 50 Gb of this shit just to see it crash no error code, no launcher could be found, nothing, then tried solving the issue and the fucking launcher deleted the whole fucking 50 gb of shit from my computer, at least saved me some time from deleting this useless shit myself. fuck you Black desert online go suck a black dick offline.

  • Michael Carroll

    Horrid game, just one big grind fest, gambling game. Everything in the game is either a grind, or a grind to gamble. The reason people like it is because they are gambling addicts. 90 percent of the game is AFK, because 90 percent of the game is AFK. The combat is pretty good, but PVP is horrid dog trash. Basically you have to grind 4000 hours, maybe more if you get unlucky on gambling. You can speed some of it up a tiny bit if you buy stuff in the cash shop and sell it, but the economy is a communist economy, the game dev set prices not players. O yeah you can't trade either.

  • Timothy Noël

    The best game to come to the west out of Korea, hands down.

    • Michael Carroll

      Wow if this is the best, the worst Korea games must be horrid. The only 2 I know of are Archeage, and Black Desert, and they are both terrible games. Black desert is less pay 2 win of the 2, but they are both basically the same. Gambling grind fests.

  • ivan_

    Oh how far BDO has fallen since launch...

    Anyone wanna give away their account so I can write a bad comment about the game here too? 🙂

    • Michael Carroll

      No, and stop defending gambling asian garbage games.

      • ivan_

        is BDO a gambling asian garbage game? hm maybe you should give me your garbage asian garbage game account to prove it to me... 🙂

        • Michael Carroll

          Nope you can't cause I use it as a benchmark. I wouldn't give my account to any one anyways, i don't want to be responsible for some one wasting thousands of dollars, on a shallow Asian soft core porn game, with horrid pvp, and 0 skill. The entire game is based around if you can gamble your way to high gear to pvp, or ignore it and gamble your way to a tier 8 horse or something like that. While being able to spend a huge amount of rl cash on gambling.

          I quit when some one from China told me he was contemplating spending his food money on a riding outfit. That is all these new age dumpster MMOS are. They learned from the old ones, where people would spend thousands on accounts, then translated it into this addictive nonsense, that targets weak minded down syndrome people, and tries to suck them dry.

        • Michael Carroll

          I will also be happy to report, they spent none of your food money you spent gambling, on fixing the graphic engine. I get 22 fps in hidel max settings 4k, and 40-50 fps at 1080 max settings. With a 4790 4ghz, 16gbs 1866 ram, 1080ti 2025 core 6156 ram.

          Don't worry though, when I put that on the chat. Some one said he had a 1060 getting 100 fps on max settings haha, hes as he spend 100 dollars on a riding outfit.

          • ivan_

            Well I played a trial recently and was really disappointed. I mean the graphics aren't bad, but they aren't as brilliant as everyone made it to be. The UI is bad, it's laggy (because of optimisation), and worst of all character customisation is a joke. Idk how to explain it, it's clunky and unintuitive. BDO to me is like the Paragon of Korean MMOs - just a giant graphics demo with 0 density. Waste of time downloading to even try free. You were right Michael.

          • Michael Carroll

            I just use it for a benchmark lol.

            Even the new computer i got a 8700k 5ghz 3200 mhz ram 1080ti 3 fan, still cant get over 30fps on 4k in hidle, though it does get a min of 60fps at 1080. I mean with the outrageous pop outs, which are like 5 feet away, you would think it would work better.

            I honestly don't think they care in the slightest, because people keep gambling, and most people dont actually even play 90 percent are just afk, with the power saving settings on. AFKING fishing, riding, or any of the afk activities in the game.

  • MyBurntToast

    The graphics in this game is absolute garbage...like how people keep praising it??? and don't get me started on the UI.

  • Rex Xillian

    As the other comments suggest, this game does not do very well with PvE and PvP, and all points made by GrimmyReaper are correct. After playing this game for around 6months now..

    Good Things!
    The best thing about this game is Life skills, i'll try to keep this short and list them below:
    -Great crafting and production system (very profitable and afk)
    -Marketboard(auctionhouse) is very competitive and fun to snipe bids on
    -Production and fishing give good amounts of silver(currency)
    -The Node/worker system will farm resources for you if you maintain it
    -Although some people dislike it; the knowledge system is good for Lore if you care about that
    -My experience was very social, server chat is hilarious
    All in all if your not looking for PvE or PvP, and enjoy stockpiling wealth- this game is for you

    Although this game is $10 on steam, i'll breakdown extra costs from the cashshop
    -you'll need pets (accountbound) to auto loot your drops when farming mobs (you want 5) 5 x $9, I didn't mention t4 pets because they cost about $75 each with RnG for a little increased loot speed
    -Maid outfit for production via storage benefits (allows for twice as long afkable production) $20
    -Weight increase (character bound) ~$45 to get max
    -Value Pack, for reduced market tax rates and weight/inventory (is essentially your monthly sub) $15/30day
    So in summary $110 one time payment and $15 monthly if you want these optional p2w benefits.

    Why i quit!
    Decided it was time to finally get some of the things mentioned above.. I tried to pay via creditcard and paymentwall stopped the transaction asking for PhotoID and a picture of my credit card. I refused and now am banned from buying kakaocash via any method.. So if you do want to buy something, use Paypal/Steam.

    tldr: The game is worth $10 on steam so you should pick it up if your looking for a good time, don't expect to make this your number 1 mmo though.