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Thang Online

Thang Online is a 3D client-based fantasy MMORPG that focuses on action-oriented combat, supported by its unique skill system, Ki, which allows players to dynamically adjust their stats. Some monsters have the ability to transform into rare, difficult enemies that must be dealt with the usage of Ki combinations.

Publisher: Jaca Entertainment
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: January 21, 2005
Pros: +Dynamic combat. +Armor enhancement. +Transforming enemies.
Cons: -Outdated graphics. -No quest system/tutorial. -Generic gameplay.

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Thang Online Overview

Enter Om Lit Praga, home continent of Thang Online, threatened by an ancient, prophesied evil, where players take the role of young warriors who rise up to save the land. Thang Online focuses on its combat, which utilizes a Ki Transformation system to dynamically alter stats to increase your strength, defense or ki as necessary. Characters can also equip multiple weapons and switch between them to gain their equipped skills, leveling up over time as the player uses the skills. Two other features of Thang Online are its monster transformation system, where monsters have a rare chance to become more powerful after defeat and drop extra loot, and its item enhancement system, which utilizes drops from the outside world to refine and enhance powerful items for use or for sale to other players.

Thang Online Key Features:

  • Three Playable Classes – pick from three avatar classes: Rian, Kanhoa, and On-Du Sham; each with unique weapons, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Ki Transformation System – adjust your stats as necessary to react appropriately the fight at hand, either offensively or defensively.
  • Monster Transformation – monsters have a chance to turn into an egg, which can self-destruct or turn into a variety of different monsters to fight.
  • PvP Arena – visit the PvP arena for special events, or for some player-kill with like-minded players.
  • Item Enhancement – visit the enhancement vendor and refine your items, armor, and weaponry to equip or sell to other players in player-run shops.

Thang Online Screenshots

Thang Online Featured Video

Thang Online Gameplay


Thang Online Classes

Rian female assassins who specialize in quick attack speed and high damage, and are able to utilize spears, daggers, and darts in combat.

Kanhoa  male warriors with high amounts of defense and the lowest amount of attack of all three classes; they utilize swords, shields, boomerangs and bows, and fit the tank role most appropriately.

On-Du Sham female mages that fits the bill of both "glass cannon" and "healer," boasting high damage and AoE but very low defensive ability. They can utilize a variety of elemental staves, damaging attacks and supportive spells.

Full Review

Thang Online Review

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Thang Online Screenshots


Thang Online Videos

Thang Online - my account

System Requirements

Thang Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/200/XP/Vista/7
CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz
Video Card: ATI Radeon 7000 TNT2 / NVIDIA GeForce 2
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 230 MB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/200/XP/Vista/7
CPU: Pentium 4 1.0 GHz
Video Card: ATI Radeon 8000 / NVIDIA GeForce 4
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 230 MB


Thang Online Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Thang Online Additional Information

Developer: Comprozard, Ubiport
Publisher: Ubiport, Jaca Entertainment

Release Date: January 21, 2005

Thang Online was developed and originally published by Ubiport, a Korean game developer, along with another Korean game developer, Comprozard. The game was released on January 21, 2005 globally and was still considered under development throughout its first life cycle, most notably missing a quest system. The game was taken offline in January, 2009 without notice after a long period of silence from the developers, its servers shutting down with no forewarning. The original website then redirected to a new game by Ubiport, Deicide, which was ultimately cancelled. In early 2011 the CEO of Jaca Entertainment met with a former developer on Thang and decided to bring the game back, offering up an open beta server in February 2011. The game was officially released for a second time on April 10, 2011, although it still lacks a quest system and many features that were intended to be added.

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