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Sticky Flames is an independent game developer based in Toronto, Canada that primarily focuses on mobile games. The studio is largely a 1 man operation run by founder Rocco Infante.

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Company Size: Tiny
Region: Canada
Year Founded: 2008
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Founded in 2008, Sticky Flames is an indie mobile game developer behind the "Telnarus" franchise of games. They partially funded the development of their first title in 2014 through Kickstarter, raising $2,576 for their "Battle of Telnarus" CCG. Despite their Kickstarter success, Battle of Telnarus never reached critical mass and has less than 1,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. They currently have several other titles in the Play Store, but they're all derivatives / clones of other popular titles (Telnarus: Gem Sweeper for example is a knockoff of Fruit Ninja). They are currently shifting gears and working on an open world survival game named Telnarus, which promises more innovation, but only time will tell. Sticky Flames also has a short history of sponsoring various Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 tournaments in the past, but they have since ceased those activities.

Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Sticky Flames:

Battles of Telnarus
Telnarus Runner
Tap it UP!
Telnarus: Gem Sweeper

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Sticky Flames Contact Information:

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Corporate Address: Toronto, Canada

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