Death of a Server - How Final Fantasy XIV's Server Restrictions are Killing a Community

There’s a lot of content to experience in Final Fantasy XIV. Having re-launched in mid-2013 under the tagline A Realm Reborn, FFXIV saw an almost phoenix-like rebirth from the ashes. What was once a disaster of a game turned into a critically acclaimed MMORPG, with a cohesive story, a fluid combat system, and a world that felt alive. Having recently [...]

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Bless Launching on Steam in 2018

Neowiz Games revealed today that the open world MMORPG Bless will be launching on Steam sometime in 2018. The game's steam store page is already up and features a new trailer for the game as well. After Aeria Games cancelled their publishing agreement with Neowiz, many fans of Bless thought that an English release would never happen. Fortunately, with a [...]

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Final Fantasy XIV goes more in-depth with its Patch 4.1 Job Changes

Earlier, we extensively covered Final Fantasy XIV's latest Letter from the Producer LIVE, a massive 3-hour live stream from the developers of FFXIV, who gave us a plethora of new information regarding the upcoming Patch 4.1. Now, courtesy of Bayohne, the Community Rep for FFXIV, we have updates regarding the Job changes coming in Patch 4.1! Warrior Steel Cyclone will [...]

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