Black Desert Online Sparks P2W Controversy with Addition of "Blessing of Kamasylve"

black desert online knight awakening

Black Desert Online introduced a new update today which introduced the "Blessing of Kamasylve" item, which increases loot gain by 20%, to the game's cash shop which led to serious accusations of "pay 2 win". Today's development is particularly egregious because in an interview with Docgotgame, Black Desert Online's community manager Jouska, specifically talked about the buy to play NA/EU [...]

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Mojang Is Shutting Down Scrolls

On February 6, Mojang announced their decision to close down the official servers for their digital card game Scrolls. The game's servers will shut down on February 13, five years after the game's initial beta launch. To Mojang's credit, they are working on ways to allow the community to keep the game alive. Players will be provided a method to [...]

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Gigantic Is Shutting Down On July 31

In an official statement posted today Perfect World Entertainment announced the upcoming closure of their action MOBA Gigantic. This month's update will be the last for Gigantic, though the servers will remain open until July 31, 2018. The news won't be much of a shock to those who have been following the troubled game's development. Perfect World already closed Motiga, [...]

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