MapleStory 2 Developers Vow to Work With Players to Gather Feedback and Address Issues

MapleStory 2 just launched its Skybound Expansion phase 2 earlier this month, but the game still has several serious issues and the game's developers are looking to work directly with the community to solve them. Going forward MapleStory 2 will launch a 3 month project where developers will try to better communicate with players and incorporate their feedback. The process [...]

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ROSE Online Is Shutting Down On Feb 11, 2019

Its been a good run. Rush On Seven Episodes aka ROSE Online, will be shutting down on February 11, 2019. WarpPortal, the Gravity owned publisher that hosts the game, made the announcement today via the Rose Online Facebook page. The in-game item mall is already closed, and players who still have points in-game will be able to transfer them to [...]

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