World of Warcraft Classic Launching on August 27

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It's finally happening; World of Warcraft Classic is launching worldwide on August 27, 2019. Select WoW players will be able to participate in a small-scale closed beta testing starting on May 15 which is expected to run until July. Those interested can opt-in to the closed beta on their account management section on Players can begin reserving their names [...]

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A Polemic On Making Hard Games Easy

Media personalities are insane. They are digitized egos yearning for validation in the black hole of opinion. No light escapes, but sometimes there’s a paycheck—unless the writers busy learning to code. Video game critics (who will be called by their appropriate designation, “bloggers”) arguably exhale the largest gravity sucking spheres of nonsense. Either their editorial meetings race to the bottom [...]

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Skyforge Launches "New Horizons" Expansion

Skyforge launched its latest expansion today titled "New Horizons" which introduces a brand new planet called Terra. The expansion is available today on PC and is launching on PS4 on April 10th and Xbox One on April 11th. There's a whole lot of new things to do in Skyforge with New Horizons. Check them out below: Largest In-Game Map To [...]

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Tencent Is Shutting Down Monster Hunter Online

Long before Monster Hunter World, Tencent and Capcom partnered up to produce the China-only MMORPG Monster Hunter Online. Now that experiment is coming to an end. Built on the CryEngine, Monster Hunter Online first released into open beta in 2015. The game was poorly supported and the launcher required to play the game came loaded with Chinese malware. Despite these [...]

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Roblox Monthly Active Users Now Surpass 90 Million

Robox revealed on April 7th that the casual kid-friendly mini-game platform now has over 90 million monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide. Just to put that figure into context, League of Legends peaked at 100 million monthly active users in 2017 and that figure has declined since, which makes Roblox more popular than League of Legends today. The continued growth of [...]

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Dungeons and Dragons Online's New Expansion "Masterminds of Sharn" Launching April 30

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Daybreak Games and Standing Stone Games announced today that the latest Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion, titled Masterminds of Sharn, will be launching on April 30, 2019 with presales available now. The standard edition costs $39.99, collector's edition $79.99, and the ultimate bundle $129.99. Masterminds of Sharn will feature the following new content: 16 new dungeons A new raid A [...]

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