The Weekly Raid: Will The Gaming Industry Finally Face Regulation?

It has been a bruising month for Chinese gaming hegemon Tencent. First, their US based subsidiary Riot Games was accused of sexism which required major readjustments at the studio. These culture problems also brought to light Riot's declining profitability, with the company on course to run a deficit unless something changes soon. Closer to home, Tencent found itself on the [...]

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The Weekly Raid: The Second Coming Of The Bots

Bots have been an issue in MMOs since the very beginning. Early MMORPG developers were constantly frustrated by players employing botting programs to farm resources are quickly speed through content. Often the same people using these botting programs were RMTers who were making a buck while destroying fragile in-game economies. Even the biggest titles like World of Warcraft never found [...]

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Wizard101 Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, Launching On Steam This Month

Wizard101, the child-friendly turn based MMORPG by KingIsle Entertainment, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month. There are a bevy of new quests, pets, and giveaways to mark the game's first decade, but the most exciting news is the announcement that Wizard101 will be launching on Steam. Both Wizard101 and Pirate101 were listed on Steam Greenlight last year, powerful [...]

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Riot Games Responds To Sexist Culture Allegations

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Earlier this month Kotaku published an investigative piece uncovering a culture of sexism at Riot Games. Interviews with dozens of current and former employees painted Riot Games as a hostile work environment for women. In the weeks following the Kotaku piece, several other former employees, including Barry Hawkins, have gone public with their own stories. On August 29, Riot Games [...]

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