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Honkai Impact

Honkai Impact is a 3D mobile RPG where players use battle girls called valkyria to defend humanity in a futuristic world. Master fluid combat controls, enhance valyria, and equip them with better gear to crush enemies.

Publisher: Mihoyo
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: March 28, 2018
Pros: +Large variety of valkyria. +Fluid combat system with intuitive zoom/slowmo. +High production value of graphics, voiceovers, and cutscenes.
Cons: -Unlocking other characters can be very grindy.

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Mobile Action RPG Honkai Impact Launching Globally in English on March 28th

The free to play anime inspired mobile action RPG Honkai Impact will be launching globally in English on March 28th, 2018. The game has been available for some time in Asia, but this is the first time an official Western version will be playable. The game features instanced dungeons and boss fights with fast paced action combat and sleek anime graphics. Honkai Impact differentiates itself from other mobile games by having no auto play system. Players have to manually input commands and chain attacks together and earn their victories.

Honkai Impact is developed and published by the Chinese mobile game studio Mihoyo Co Ltd. I was actually pretty impressed with the production value of this one. The fact that it's not just another auto play nonsense mobile game is a huge plus too.

Curious what Honkai Impact is all about? Check out my first look video below (Chinese version):

Honkai Impact Gameplay First Look

Honkai Impact First Look By Omer

Honkai Impact is a free to play mobile action RPG developed and published by the Chinese game studio Mihoyo. The game features beautiful anime aesthetics and even Japanese voice overs. It's one of the few mobile games without an auto-play system, so players need to actively dodge attacks and defeat their enemies. It can get a bit grindy and repetitive later, but the active dodge is quite entertaining. Download the APK here.