[Ended] Champions Online 8th Anniversary Pack Giveaway

MMOs.com has partnered with Perfect World Entertainment / Cryptic Studios to give away 25 8th Anniversary packs for Champions Online. Supercharge your superhero themed MMORPG with these super useful packs! 25 lucky winners will receive 2 packs each (1 for level 1-39 champions and 1 for level 40 champions).

The level 1-39 Anniversary Pack Contains:

  • 30x Healing Devices
  • 5x Costume Change Tokens
  • 5x XP Boosters
  • 1x Temporary Sidekick (One hour)
  • Full set of leveling gear

Level 40 Anniversary Pack Contains:

  • 5x Costume Change Tokens
  • 5x Triumphant Recoveries
  • 1x Temporary Sidekick (One hour)
  • Full set of level 50 gear

Both packs also give players an opportunity to win gold vouchers (redeemable for various items in the Collector Store), an extra character slot or an additional costume shot.

Champions Online Anniversary Pack Giveaway

Redemption Instructions:
1) Visit www.arcgames.com/en/redeem
2) Log into your Arc account and enter your code.
3) Enter Champions Online and visit the C-Store.
4) Claim your items in the Bonus section of the C-Store.

Please note that these packs can only be redeemed by one character on a single account.
This offer expires December 31, 2020.