[Ended] Intershelter Steam BETA Key Giveaway - New Sci-fi MMO by Makers of The Skies


We've partner with EFORB, the Ukranian indie game developer best know for The Skies, to give away keys for their latest project Intershelter. Intershelter is definitely a bit of an oddball game, as it supports up to 50 players at once during any "game". Based on the gameplay videos we've seen, it looks and plays a lot like H1Z1: King of the Kill. Check out what the game is about in the company's own words below the giveaway (Warning: It has some serious grammatical issues and is a bit confusing, lol). I Haven't tried Intershelter yet, but The Skies was interesting.

The beta takes place between November 11, 2016 and November 20, 2016. The top 100 players during beta will get a free premium copy of the game!


EDIT 2: More New Keys Added

Edit 3: We are out of Keys. The game has launched as a b2p Early access title on Steam though.

Intershelter Steam BETA Key Giveaway - New Sci-fi MMO (MORE New Keys)

EFORB Describes Intershelter as:

The sun which made Earth flourish for billions of years, once became a source of extreme radiation. Destructive radiation produced by solar flare was noticed too late - not hours remained, but minutes.

You have 25 minutes to get to the nearest of InterShelter bunkers which were created in fear of nuclear war. The situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that very few shelters exist and one rescue capsule has fifty applicants.

Natural selection will show ones worthy of salvation, and others will suffer in the scorched desert forever.

Skydome Inc. was founded in 2022, supported by European venture funds, to ensure the preservation of the human species in an event of cataclysm. The "Dome" project consisted of several programs.

The most famous projects of the company were InterShelter and InterSpace.
InterShelter meant to build underground bunkers that could shelter residents from catastrophic events for half a century. Keyvan Morris, one of the most successful construction magnate on the West Coast, was appointed as project manager. The program started in 2024, and has gained wide popularity on the background of the growing threat of military conflict in the Middle East. Company is frequently mentioned in certain medications, developed in conjunction with a program of shelters.
InterSpace included four projects: removing near-Earth space debris, building a Mars outpost, system to protect against dangerous celestial bodies, as well as the creation of an autonomous colony in Earth orbit (Dark Sky).

Bright future, space exploration, colonization of new planetary systems - everything Dark Sky promised - faded in the glow of raging star.
Little is reported about the orbital colony after the disaster. No much interest on that from people trying to survive on a dying planet, however,

Scraps of documents and drawings, inventions, prototypes can still be found in shelters, laboratories, bunkers. But no one remembers whether Dark Sky is real or is it just a legend.

Beta Testing Promotion:

We provide free version of beta game and players get access to it for free. Beta testing is going on through November 11th till November 20th. Top 100 players in rating will get this Premium game for free. After the end of testing the game will be in open access and be sold via Steam.