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The Amazing Eternals

The Amazing Eternals is a First Person Hero Shooter where players build custom decks to customize their arsenals. Fight alongside your teammates across a variety of maps to harvest the essence of the Keystones!

Publisher: Digital Extremes
Playerbase: TBD
Type: Hero Shooter
Release Date: August 29, 2017 (Beta)
Shut Down Date: November 2, 2017
Pros: +Unique character and level designs. +Cards have a significant impact on gameplay. +Free to play.
Cons: -Game feels janky. -Another Hero Shooter.
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Master X Master

Master X Master is a next generation MOBA that includes a mix of PvP and PvE content. Players unlock new characters, weapon upgrades, and runes by playing through PvE missions together. Competitive game modes include traditional 3-lane maps and a quicker deathmatch option.

Publisher: NCSOFT
Playerbase: Medium
Type: MOBA
Release Date: June 21, 2017 (NA OBT)
Shut Down Date: January 31, 2018
Pros: +PvE missions. +Iconic NCSoft characters. +Swap between two characters. +Weapon upgrades, runes, and other persistent unlocks.
Cons: -Persistent unlocks may discourage competitive MOBA players.


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Radical Heights

Radical Heights is a third-person Battle Royale with a retro '80s inspired aesthetic. Collect cash and face off in 100-person matches in this X-treme contest of survival!

Publisher: Boss Key Studios
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Battle Royale
Modes: Objective-based
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Shutdown Date: May 14, 2018
Pros: +Unique cash collection system. +Nostalgic music & other '80s tropes.
Cons: -Janky movement & gunplay. -Awful textures & physics. -Buggy, unfinished gameplay.
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Deformers is a competitive online brawler in which players choose a blob, pick a class, and join the fight against up to seven other players at once, smashing each other with cutesy characters.

Publisher: GameTrust Games
Playerbase: Low
Type: Competitive Online Brawler
Release Date: April, 2017
Shut Down Date: August, 2018
Pros: +Cute visuals. +A wide variety of cosmetics to unlock. +Fast-paced gameplay.
Cons: -Chaotic gameplay. -Game modes lacking. -$29.99 price point may deter potential players.


FusionFall is a huge sci-fi browser based MMORPG that takes place in the Cartoon Network multiverse. Create a unique character and help your favorite cartoon heroes save the planet from the evil Lord Fuse. Fight with swords or guns and collect tiny Nano helpers like Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls and Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy to help you on your journey.

Publisher: Cartoon Network
Release Date: January 14, 2009
Closure Date: August 29, 2013
Pros: +Unique art style. +Well known characters & environments. +Original combat system. +Tons of missions.
Cons: -Required a subscription at launch for most content. -Required a browser plugin. -Wonky aiming/controls.

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Neo Steam

Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is a 3D steampunk MMORPG with heavy fantasy elements. Join either the Republic of Rogwel or the Elerd Kingdom and explore the world of Chrysalis.

Publisher: Atlus Online
Release Date: May 6, 2009
Closure Date: February 8, 2012
Pros: +Unique steampunk theme. +Mounts, subway, and steam balloons make travel easy. +Variety of classes & races. +Gold is auto-looted.
Cons: -Large, mostly unfinished world. -No challenge during early levels. -Most races are a single gender. -Balance issues between classes & factions.

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Devilian Mobile

Devilian Mobile is an upcoming mobile MMORPG that features gameplay and graphics similar to that of TERA and Devilian, including Devilian Mode. It features a metamorphosis system that allows characters to transform into demons for special attacks and abilities.

Publisher: Gamevil
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile MMORPG
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Shut Down Date: November 29, 2017
Pros: +TERA and Devilian crossover. +Powerful demonic forms. +Great graphics.
Cons: -Automated combat. -Pay-to-play elements.

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AllStar Manga Heroes

AllStar Manga Heroes (Android), also known as Anime Warriors - Guardians of Manga World (iOS), is an action RPG where players recruit anime characters for combat from a variety of shows such as Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Hunter X Hunter.

Publisher: Tapfuns Games
Playerbase: Low
Type: Action RPG
Release Date: August 27, 2015
Shut Down Date: Mid 2016
Pros: +Characters from a large pool of different shows. +Awakening system. +Strategical battle formation.
Cons: -Clear copyright infringement. -Pay-to-win. -Lots of bugs and crashing issues. -Poor English translations.
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FreeStyle Football

FreeStyle Football is a team-based action football game set in a fantasy world and featuring quirky characters that use both skill and abilities to score goals. Take part in one of three different match types solo or against other players.

Publisher: JoyCity
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Sports MMO
Release Date: February 22, 2017
Shut Down Date: December 21, 2017
Pros: +Easy to pick up, difficult to master. +Traditional football mechanics. +Three match types.
Cons: -Pay-to-win elements. -Slight learning curve. -Language barrier between players.
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GunFleet is a free-to-play naval combat game where players fight using ships inspired by WWI and WWII, from submarines to gunboats. Unlock and outfit ships from the countries of Japan, USSR, Germany, and the United States of America.

Publisher: Areo Gaming
Playerbase: Low
Type: Naval Combat
Release Date: February 06, 2017
Shut Down Date: May 27, 2017
Pros: +Variety of naval ships . +Squad and fleet-based tactics. +Outfit ships with crews, weapons, consumables, and equipment.
Cons: -Dated graphics. -Repeats elements from other titles.
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