Rusty Hearts Soundtrack

Rusty Hearts Music & Soundtrack

Rusty Hearts was an action MMORPG that combined traditional RPG elements with brawler gameplay. Its fast-paced brawler combat allowed players to fight hordes of enemies cooperatively while racking up their combo counters and completing quests. The Rusty Hearts soundtrack was commissioned by the developer Stairway Games. The Soundcloud embed features all of the BGMs, tracks, and music from the Rusty Hearts Soundtrack. The game originally launched on September 20, 2011 and was subsequently shut down on September 15, 2014. One of the first shutdowns that Rusty Hearts experienced was its Japanese servers hosted by Sega, which led to a chain of its international servers shutting down. After the game’s closure the original game developer, Stairway Games, began to offer 3D models and assets from Rusty Hearts on the Unity Asset Store for future game developers to use.