Tree of Savior Soundtrack

Tree of Savior Music & Soundtrack

Tree of Savior was developed by the Korean game developer IMC Games and is widely considered the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online. The soundcloud embed features all of the BGMs and tracks from the Tree of Savior Soundtrack. Tree of Savior is free to play and features some excellent BGMs, which were composed by SoundTeMP - the same sound studio behind Ragnarok Online's musical score.

  • Awesome that the guys who made the soundtrack for Tree of Savior are the same people who did it for Ragnarok Online. I think RO had some of the best MMO music I've heard in a game. Some awesome BGMs in Tree of Savior too!

  • Insprata

    Bonjour Tristesse is my favourite! Love the soundtrack and really looking forward to play it