Aion Classic EU Rolls Out Rise Of The Revenant Update And Its New Chainblade-Flinging Class

aion classic eu revenant banner

As foretold, the Revenants have broken free of the Tiamat Legion’s control and have rejoined the ranks of the Daevas as Aion Classic EU’s newest playable class. The chainblade-wielding class officially made its in-game debut last week when Update 2.7: Rise of the Revenant officially landed on the free-to-play MMORPG’s Gameforge-run European servers.

In addition to the new class, Update 2.7 also opened up the new Telos starting zone, the global auction house, the new 3v3 Arena of Cooperation, and two new PvE instances: Sunken Telos and the Red Throne. Players can also earn various rewards through the new Book of Legends and Moreth, Chronicle of Time item collection and recording systems. You can check out the full patch notes in PDF form here.

AION Classic 2.7: Rise of the Revenant - Announcement Trailer