Albion Online Players Have One Last Chance To Transfer Their Islands Before Wild Blood’s Launch

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Sandbox Interactive is giving Albion Online players one last chance to move their player islands before the Wild Blood update arrives on October 16th. The massive update will introduce an array of new content and gameplay changes including the addition of shapeshifer weapons, a tracking system, and a revamp of player islands.

With Wild Blood’s launch, player islands will receive city-specific production bonuses depending on what biome they’re located in. “With the Wild Blood update, crops, herbs, and farm animals will thrive differently in different biomes,” the studio explained. “Each city will have local farming bonuses for one crop, one herb, one farm animal, and one additional farmable having increased yields. These bonuses will function and be displayed similarly to the local production bonuses that apply to crafting.”

As such, it’s important for players to choose the right location that matches their needs. The final transfer window for player islands will remain open from now until Wild Blood’s launch on October 16th.