ARK Survival Evolved Officially Launches On August 8th

ark survival evolved dragonAfter 2 years in Early Access, ARK: Survival Evolved is finally ready to make the jump to full launch. Studio Wildcard has announced that the game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 8th.

Studio Wildcard is also offering a limited Collector’s Edition of the game which includes a Season Pass, the Scorched Earth expansion pack along with two future expansions, a leather-bound Dino Dossier, an official ARK Survival Evolved necklace, an exclusive cloth map, and a development team poster, and the official soundtrack disk, all conveniently packaged in a collectible faux-wooden chest. Watch the pre-order trailer conveniently located after the jump.

The team is also promoting a fan-made medieval fantasy-themed mod called Ragnarok which you can check out below.