Ascent: Infinite Realm Shows Off More Gameplay at GStar 2017

The newly announced steam punk MMORPG Ascent Infinite Realm from Bluehole showed off a lot more gameplay over at G*Star 2017. The game was actually playable at the convention floor for those fortunate enough to attend the event.

While Ascent Infinite Realm has no release date just yet, Blue Hole does have a Western publishing partner lined up already (Kakao Games), so it will definitely be making its way over to the West. I'm personally a bit hyped for this one because with the rise of mobile gaming, we haven't seen too many big budget MMORPGs announced and Ascent Infinite Realms looks like it has some decent production value.

Check out the gameplay videos below (Most are entirely in Korean).

  • HYPED!

  • Vlad

    For some reason, it doesn't hype me one bit. The combat looks straight from aion, maybe aion v2. The air fighting looks chaotic and I don't see myself enjoying it more than a few hours.
    On top of that, not a big fan of the ui. I can look at a 2000ish mmo release and see better ui...

    They got something but they have to work a lot on it if they want to succeed .
    I only liked the character selection screen...

  • Yea Right

    This game looks really cool!!

  • Looks gender-locked... I'll pass.

    • Vlad

      This was cleared by the developers in FAQ, it won't be gender locked.

      • Looking forward to it until 2020 then. XD

        • ChrisTofu

          Actually it's coming out next year for us, but hey, continue to be the typical MMO player you are and make assumptions without doing any research

  • chosenxeno

    Already dead in the West for being "too grindy" and/or "Pay to win". We've seen this story a million times. It's time we stopped falling for it. You already know how the story ends.

  • Shiro Minami

    target based combat pass.