Medieval Fantasy MMORPG Eternal Tombs Sets Its First Closed Beta Test For April 2

eternal tombs fantasy gorge banner

Eternal Tombs, an upcoming MMORPG that will be run by real live dungeon masters, is set to begin closed beta testing on April 2. The announcement comes as part of a brand-new trailer that shows off more of the game’s environments, combat, and some of the mobs and bosses that testers will encounter during the playtest.

It’s unclear whether the closed beta will feature the full-time dungeon masters that developer Triune Studios has been touting since Eternal Tomb’s announcement, but they’re bound to start testing the system sooner or later. The studio also promised a microtransaction-free experience which is something that we’re probably all looking forward to.

In the meantime, you can catch another glimpse of the upcoming game in the new trailer below.

Eternal Tombs - Closed Beta Announcement - New MMORPG