First Assault announces their "Renewal" Update, details major changes

Coming on July 18th, First Assault will be revampingahem, Renewing their game. Nexon is promising "Major" updates (please tell me someone caught that pun) and optimizations to the user experience. Lets try to break down some of the updates, and more importantly, new characters to play at in First Assault.

New maps, balance changes, a new weapon - there's so much to cover here. Lets start with some new Operatives!

  • Azuma, Assault Class. 180 HP, 135 AP.
  • Reiko, Infiltrator Class. 135 HP, 90 AP.
  • Sitara, Specialist Class. 175 HP, 150 AP.

In addition, all Operatives will now be either Assault class, Infiltrators, or Specialists. On top of that, all weapons have gotten tweaks and rebalances. You can check them out here. The Renewal update doesn't end there, though, with a new map being announced - the Electronics Center

Available in both Team Death Match and Demolition flavors, the Electronics Center is a vital hub for information, and Operatives are frequently requested to defend it.

All this will be playable on July 18th, when the Renewal Update goes live.