Guild Wars 2 Will Soon Allow You To Pilot Your Jade Bot Outside Of Cantha

guild wars 2 fantasy mmorpg jade bot

If you’ve taken a liking to your Jade Bot in Guild Wars 2 and have been wishing that you could use it outside of Cantha, you’re wish my friend has been granted. Well, not immediately, but starting on January 31st you’ll be able to pilot your mechanized companion anywhere in Tyria.

“Starting next Tuesday, you’ll be able to pilot your jade bot beyond Cantha!,” tweeted ArenaNet. “We’re adding jade bot terminals to Lion’s Arch and all five racial capital cities in the January 31 Guild Wars 2 game update!”

It’s still unclear as to whether there will be limitations to using Jade Bots outside of Cantha but there’s speculation that it might be limited to just taking screenshots. In any case, we’ll find out soon enough when the update lands in just a few days.