High-Speed Growth Servers Are Coming Back To Tree Of Savior Next Week

tree of savior rank 8 bannerIMC Games is bringing back high-speed leveling servers in Tree of Savior next week. The new Growth Servers will go live on August 11th and will feature a 300% XP and drop rate boost, a 20% Ichor Extraction bonus, reduced Ehancement and Stage Transcendence costs, as well as a reduction in the Raid Portal Stone requirements for unique raids.

Players who want to join the new servers can pre-register now until August 11th to get a variety of rewards including XP Tomes, consumable vouchers, and other in-game boosts. The servers will be live from August 11th through November 10th after which they’ll be merged with the regular servers. Various in-game events will also be running for throughout the whole 3 months that the servers are live.

Head over to the Tree of Savior official site for more details.