Mecha Break Is A Gundam-Like MMO Shooter Kicking Off PC Beta Testing In August

mecha break mech key art banner

Our Summer Games Fest series continues with the unveiling of a new mecha MMO shooter called Mecha Break from Chinese developer Amazing Seasun Games. The game promises intense PvP battles using fully customizable mechs in 3v3 and 6v6 battlefields as well as a 60-player PvEvP mode where you’ll race to complete various challenges against other players.

The mechs themselves will likely look very familiar to Gundam fans thanks to designs by Takayuki Yanase and Junya Ishigaki who both worked on the popular anime franchise, the Armored Core series of games, and Xenogears.

“Discover an array of assault, melee, sniper, reconnaissance, and support mechs, each with unique playstyles. Engage in immersive aerial and ground combat, employing strategic tactics for close and long-range encounters. Unleash devastating firepower, scorch foes with precision beams, and rain missiles upon the battlefield.”

Mecha Break is currently still in development with beta testing on Steam slated to start sometime in August. It’s also expected to launch on consoles sometime after beta testing ends. You can catch a glimpse of the Gundam-like designs in the trailer below.

Mecha BREAK - Mecha Design Concept Trailer