No Man’s Sky Is Finally Getting Full Multiplayer With The ‘Next’ Update

no man's sky bannerRemember No Man’s Sky? That sci-fi MMO that launched with no multiplayer feature whatsoever and was eventually sued because of false and misleading advertising? Well, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray announced on a recent Inside Xbox Live Stream that the game is finally getting full-fledged multiplayer with the release of the “Next” update.

“[. . .] You’re going to be able to play with your friends in a kind of full multiplayer experience. You can play with a bunch of your friends and go exploring or you can just come across random strangers and other travelers. You can pair up together in a team and work together to survive or, if you’re that guy, you can prey on other people.”

Murray also talked about other multiplayer interactions including base-building, colonies, dogfighting, space battles and space races. He says that the update will be the realization of “this potential that everyone’s always seen in No Man’s Sky. It’s the kind of game that myself and a lot of other people have always wanted to play in a multiplayer world.”

The “Next” update is scheduled for release on July 24th, the same day that the game launches on Xbox One. You can watch the full stream right down below.