RF Online Launches new Server With 4.25 Update

Redfox Games launched the newest server for RF Online titled Pegasus earlier this week and its the first server in the game to feature the 4.25 update. While RF Online is definitely an oldie, it was originally released in 2004, it's still around today and still gets updated. The new server features 1x EXP/DROP/PT/FORCE rates and 2x Animus rates with a max level of 80. The new server features an updating leveling curve, new quests, buff NPCs, a new map, and more.

Original RF Online Intro + Song:

RF Online originally launched as a subscription MMORPG but later went free to play. It's bounced around quite a bit between the developer and various publishers, but is currently available at Redfox Games.

Source: Full list of 4.25 changes / Server Announcement