Take a Peek Inside Neverwinter's New Area: Omu's Undercity

The dev team for Neverwinter has just shown off their new area coming to the game, expanding upon their most recent addition, the Lost City of Omu. This new Undercity is a winding maze of tunnels beneath the city. Players will discover new and exciting monsters, shrines, and treasure.

"Omu was once a jewel in Chult’s crown, rivaling even Port Nyanzaru in commerce. The Omuans built a rich city with a grand palace for the royal family. The Omuans were envied by many, and they exulted in their status.

But the greed and hubris of its people caused Ubtao, the god of Chult to turn his back on them. Without their god’s support, the Omuans fell to sickness and disease. With the absence of Ubtao, the Omuans turned to worshipping local reclusive spirits known as the nine trickster gods, building shrines to them underneath the city.

But even the trickster gods could not forestall Omu’s doom. The buildings fell to ruin and became overrun with monsters from the encroaching jungle. Violent uprisings caused the nobles to flee the city, and eventually the city was abandoned entirely by the Omuans.

The undercity, as it came to be called by recent explorer’s who rediscovered it, suffered the worse. Large sections of the undercity were cut off from each other by collapsed debris.  Some areas become overgrown, flooded, or fallen into underground lava flows. While hazardous to navigate, there are still many creatures and treasures to be found there, the lost legacy of Omu."

Inside the latest blog post the development team shows off different areas to be explored, each in unique spaces that match their respective "Gods". Each is set apart by lighting, and various environmental features.

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