Neverwinter Brings Back The Festival Of Simril With New Companions And Mounts

neverwinter d&d mmorpg festival of simril sled race

Neverwinter rings in the holidays with the return of the D&D MMORPG’s Festival of Simril event which will run from later today until January 5th. This year’s winter festival will feature the same fun-filled holiday activities as previous years but without the old Simril lightcrafting quests that were available in previous years. “With the introduction of the new profession in [...]

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Neverwinter Brings Back Rothé Valley And The Dragonflight Stronghold Encounter

neverwinter d&d mmorpg rothe valley glorious panda mount

Cryptic Studios has opened the Neverwinter vault of old content and has brought back Rothé Valley as a new Epic Adventure. The zone has been updated with improved visuals, streamlined quests, new Heroic Encounters, and a “stu-panda-ous” new battle pass. From now until November 22nd, players will be able to complete Random Queues and Major Heroic Encounters in Rothé Valley [...]

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Neverwinter Brings Back The Celebration Of Lliira Tomorrow With New Rewards

neverwinter d&d mmorpg celebration of lliira fireworks banner

Fireworks will soon be lighting up the skies over Neverwinter to honor the Goddess of Joy in the city’s annual Celebration of Lliira event which will once again be taking place in the Protector’s Enclave starting tomorrow, June 30th. “Players will honor Lliira, the goddess of joy, freedom and liberty by completing daily quests and setting off fireworks. Players will [...]

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Neverwinter Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary With The Return Of Protector’s Jubilee

neverwinter fantasy mmorpg protectors jubilee decorations

Neverwinter is celebrating its 9th anniversary with the return of the annual Protector’s Jubilee event. This year’s event features new daily tasks from Elminster along with new rewards to earn. Activities and rewards from previous Protector’s Jubilee events will also be returning for the duration of the event. “The Protector’s Jubilee is Neverwinter’s big anniversary event, when the city is [...]

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