Tarisland Introduces Its Paladin Class, A.K.A. The Divine Warrior Of Justice

tarisland paladin class banner

The parade of Tarisland class previews isn’t over just yet even with the fantasy MMORPG’s second beta test now in full swing. In the latest preview, we get to take a closer look at the Paladin, a hammer-wielding “divine incarnation” and warrior of justice.

“During Battle of the World's End, the gods granted the elven warriors divine power, making them the very first Paladins,” developer Tencent recounts. These Paladins have extensive combat experience and mighty divine power. Not only can their magic heal wounds, but it can also deal fatal blows to their enemies in battle. Therefore, people call these armor-clad and weapon-wielding warriors the incarnation of justice.”

Paladins can specialize in either the DPS-oriented Justice spec or the tanky Guard spec. The former can deal massive damage with every blow of his hammer while the latter makes use of a shield and defensive abilities to incapacitate enemies and absorb damage while his allies move in for the kill.

The Paladin is one of the playable classes that are currently available for testing in the ongoing beta test.