Tencent Leaves Honour Of Kings Western Port Arena Of Valor To Fend For Itself

arena of valor krixi nymphoraHonour of Kings has been one of Tencent’s top grossing and most successful games since it was released in China in 2017. The game’s western port Arena of Valor, however, didn’t quite do as well as they’d hoped, currently averaging just 150,000 daily active users in North America. According to Reuter’s sources, Tencent has effectively given up on the mobile MOBA and has dissolved the game’s European and American marketing teams.

Aside from the game being an absolute flop in the Western market, the decision to completely abandon the game could also have been influenced by Tencent’s conflict with their US-based subsidiary Riot Games. Ever since Honour of Kings was launched, Riot Games has been very vocal about it being a League of Legends clone. Surprisingly, both companies are now working side by side on a mobile version of League of Legends which might also be a factor that sealed Arena of Valor’s fate.