Tencent's Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) Made $1B In Revenue In 1 Month

Tencent's wildly popular mobile MOBA Honor of Kings (known as Arena of Valor in the West) made approximately CNY 7 Billion (~$1.04 billion) in revenue last month according to a research report from Japanese investment bank Nomura. The increase in revenue last month can be attributed to a highly anticipated expansion pack to the game which launched in mid-January which was the single largest update to the game since it launched in 2015. Just to put this $1B figure in context, League of Legends "only" brought in ~$2.1B in its most successful year ever (2017).

February's bump in revenue was largely due to the release of new content, but according to the same research note the game was pulling in CNY 2 Billion (~$300M) on average prior to the expansion's release.

While Arena of Valor hasn't made a big splash in the West yet, it's still available on iOS and Android and continues to slowly introduce new updates. Time will tell if it can catch fire in the West the same was as it had in China.

Curious to see what the big deal is? Check out some gameplay below: