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Chucklefish Games

Chucklefish Games is a London-based independent game developer and publisher that specializes in developing role playing games and is best known for their game Starbound.

Official Site: Chucklefish.org
Company Size: 12+ Employees
Region(s): United Kingdom
Year Founded: 2011
Phone Number: -
Email: contact@chucklefish.org

Chucklefish Games was founded in 2011 by Finn Bruce who is currently serving as the company’s project leader and currently operates with a total of 12 members. The company is known for developing 2D retro-style side-scrolling MMORPGs set in sandbox environments. The company also aids other independent game developers in publishing their games and also offers them assistance in creative development, marketing, legal, and sales through advice and support.

Client Games

Online Client Games (Download to play) developed by Chucklefish Games:

Wayward tide

Published Client Games

Online Client Games (Download to play) published by Chucklefish Games:

Wanderlust Adventure
Wanderlust Adventure
Treasure Adventure World
Stardew Valley
Lenna's Inception
Risk of Rain

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) developed by Chucklefish Games:


Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Chucklefish Games:


Contact Info

Chucklefish Games Contact Information:

Email: contact@chucklefish.org
Corporate Address: London, United Kingdom 

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