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MindArk PE AB

MindArk PE AB is a Swedish software company known for developing, marketing, and operating the 3D MMORPG-like online virtual universe, Entropia Universe.

Official Site: MindArk.com
Company Size: Small (~50 employees)
Region(s): Sweden (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 1999
Phone Number: +46-31-607-260
Email: info@mindark.com

The company was founded in 1999 by Jan Timkrans, currently the company's Chairman, with the goal of creating a virtual world on the internet. Since the company’s inception, they have been exclusively developing a platform where online games, social networks, and virtual reality converge and have invested over $60 Million on the project. The platform came to be known as the Entropia Platform and the resulting virtual world as the Entropia Universe. The company is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The virtual world of Entropia holds the Guinness World Record for most expensive virtual item sold too.

Client Games

Online Client Games (Download to play) developed by MindArk PE AB:

Entropia Universe (2003)
Includes: Planet Calypso, Rocktropia, Next Island, Planet Arkadia, and Planet Cyrene

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) developed by MindArk PE AB:


Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by MindArk PE AB:


Console Games

Console Games developed by MindArk PE AB:


Contact Information

MindArk PE AB Contact Information

Email: info@mindark.com
Phone Number: +46-31-607-260
Fax Number: +46-31-136-016
Corporate Address: Jarntorget 8, SE 413 04 Gothenburg, Sweden

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