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NetGame is a free to play portal created by mGame USA, which is the western subsidiary of parent Korean company mGame. mGame decided to start bringing games to the western audience in 2006 with a relatively small but hard working staff that manages free-to-play MMOs.

Official Site: Netgame.com
Company Size: Small (Around 50 Employees)
Region(s): North America, Europe, Asia
Year Founded: 2006
Phone Number: (949) 553-0558
Email: customer@netgame.com

NetGame's parent company Mgame corporation of South Korea was founded in 1996 and is based in Seoul. The company's U.S. subsidiary has been licensing and publishing free to play to play MMORPGs and MMOs in the U.S. since January 2006 and is based in California. The company's Korean portal is much larger than it's U.S. one and publishes dozens of different PC titles as well as mobile games. The company clearly has much more success in Korea than it does abroad.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From NetGame currently in service:

Hero Plus
Scions of Fate
Operation 7
Soul Saver Online
Heroes in the Sky (HIS)

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No Download) From NetGame currently in service:

Colony of War
Block Star
Music Shake

Mobile Games

Mobile Games From NetGame currently in service:

Upcoming Games

Games Coming Soon from NetGame

Retired Games

Retired Games

The Legend of Ares
Holic Online
Ghost Online
Cloud Nine

Contact Information

NetGame Contact Information

Email: customer@netgame.com
Phone Number:
 (949) 553-0558
Corporate Address (USA): 30 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606

Useful Links
NetGame Official Site
M GAME Official Site (Korean parent Co)
MGAME Corporate Website

  • Concerned Customer

    I do not recommend this game the GM is corrupt I know him from another game and that game went under due to his actions there and now hes doing the same thing in hero hes bashing players for sending tickets del their acc banning them allowing his friends to harass paying customers even allowed them to keep a modified game so they can get relic drops easier everyone in the game is extremely upset over the game alterations and the harassment from Oni's friends they are going to cost this company everything in the long run. I am about to put in a fraud investigation on this company cause every number provided is fake and you only have Oni to blame for this friends and GM do not mix

  • J trent

    I agree With the below comment. This game is all about paying money for a upper advantage.. Pay to win game as usual that wont go to far. Even the Gm is in on it. He lets his friends and people hack for a certain profit then re sells the money on gold farming sites. I have plenty of people to talk to and sign a petition about this. This company is a fraud and will be dealt with in the near future.

  • GodsArmy

    the issue with this company i the GM Oni and Shadow they boycott important msg for the company they threaten customer i suggested they go in to the game and see this bug cause they couldn't find it when they tested for it and he thought i was giving orders his threat was very clear he said we recommend you do not fight with gm as IT WILL BE VERY UN BENEFICIAL to the customer (cause they are not understanding the language right) they have banned all my accounts in the past because i wanted a phone number for negames. if this is a legit company why you have a phone number for a storage company called Alton self storage listed as your own number anyway something needs to be done about the GMs in Hero plus A.S.A.P they protect their friends and ban people for them just on their say so anyway i wont take this any further then here for now but i would like some resolution on these GM. how can issues in the game be fixed if GMs wont listen and make threatening remarks to the customer why cant we have the right to talk to customer service from netgames we should not have to go through bad GMs and have our concern ignored I am posting as guest cause i do not trust those GM they will prob want revenge on me for reporting them