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Perfect World Entertainment (ARC Games)

ARC Games, previously known as Perfect World Entertainment, is one of the leading North American online games publisher that almost exclusively works with free-to-play MMORPGs. The North American division was founded in 2008 and they have published over 10 popular titles including Star Trek Online and Blacklight Retribution. The company re-branded themselves as "ARC Games" in 2014.

Official Site: ArcGames.com
Company Size: Large (500+ Employees)
Region(s): Global
Year Founded: 2004
Phone Number: 650-590-7700
Email: dmca@perfectworld.com

Perfect World employs around 500 people at their North American location in Redwood California. They acquired sister companies, Runic Games and Cryptic Studios and helped put out big games such as Torchlight in recent years. Many of their games can be found on the popular PC gaming platform, Steam. The company launched their own Steam-like service "ARC Games" for their own titles as well as their affiliates. Perfect World is publicly traded and they began trading on the Nasdaq (U.S. exchange) on July 26, 2007. Aside from their North American operations, Perfect World operates in China on their Wanmei.com platform as well in Japan under the C&C Media Co name. Unlike most MMO publishers, Perfect World actually develops most of the games they publish, which gives them the unique ability to control the entire development / patching of the titles.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From Perfect World currently in service:

Blacklight Retribution
Star Trek Online
War of the Immortals
Champions Online
Torchlight II
Forsaken World
Jade Dynasty
Ether Saga Odyssey
Battle of the Immortals

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No Download) From Perfect World currently in service:

Cultures Online
Jagged Alliance Online
Pirate Galaxy

Upcoming Games

Upcoming Games to come From Perfect World:

Arena of Heroes

Retired Games

Games no longer published by Perfect World. Some of these are available through other publishers.

Rusty Hearts
Heroes of Three Kingdoms

Contact Information

Perfect World Contact Information

Email: dmca@perfectworld.com
Telephone Number: 650-590-7700
Fax Number :650-591-1211
Corporate Address: 101 Redwood Shores Parkway, Suite 400, Redwood City, CA 94065

Useful Links
Perfect World Entertainment Official Website
Perfect World Entertainment Wikipedia

  • Zariarn

    Great variety of games.

  • SylenThunder

    It's too bad that PWE doesn't bother to actually support any of their titles.

  • erick

    horrible support for the xbox

  • ToteHose

    The support ist the worst ever!Play the games but dont spend any money there!

  • Austin Hill

    the arc games support is fucking garbage, My girlfriend purchased zen on neverwinter. She didn't receive the first buyers pack, when she let the company know all they had to say was. That is not our problem we are not responsible for that you should know how that stuff works, and two emails later and wanting to speak to a supervisor her email was locked out and ignored. This is bullshit the company is garbage and i'm posting on all major sites too warn people not to buy anything having to do with arc games.

    • Moo

      I had this experience as well. I reported them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). There is a category specifically for internet games and their business practices. With enough people expressing their concerns, they will investigate.

  • TManiac

    Neverwinter customer service sucks!! Wasted so much time and effort getting our guild to lvl 20 then the owner of our guild quits and we are stuck with a dead guild. Arc claims they cant transfer ownership because that is a player action, even though there is no longer an owner to make that action. Arc/Neverwinter isn't just terrible with this, it's everything. I won an Eye of Lathander in Dread Ring and the game froze before I could collect. I took a pic of the frozen screen and submitted, Arc customer service says they dont take photos as evidence. What other fucking method of evidence us better than a photo, plus they could check my account and see that I didn't receive/sell an Eye of Lathander. Another issue, Arc couldn't switch my Neverwinter account to my own profile. I started playing this game on my sons XBox account, a year later and Im finally ready to create my own XBox account and Arc says they wont transfer. How is this possible? Every phone app game is able to be transfered phone to phone, how is it a multi million dollar gaming company cant figure out how to move gaming accounts to different profiles. Please, if the owner/CEO/upper management of ARC see's this message... All I want is ownership of my guild. Please email me back

  • Joseph Laabs

    Customer service is terrible! I haven't played in over a year. I tried to come back and it said my account was banned. I sent in a ticket asking why it was banned, they replied please verify your ip address, email, when I opened it. they replied back we now need your full name, billing address and more personal info. its a free to play game if you see I'm playing in the US and it was hacked in China don't you see a difference here simple! well I just came to the conclusion and just cut my loses and stay away from them. I wouldn't suggest anyone to play these games unless you want a head ache and open yourself up for identity theft

  • Arno

    With regards to gaming this is the worst customer service I have EVER had to deal with..honestly the worst. Some good games on their platform but the moment anything goes wrong they dismiss you entirely and you lose your money.

    I am in a discussion with them again now which involves Neverwinter which is a game I love and I am being refused any assistance at all, I get told NO not our problem for a mistake I reported less than 10 minutes after I noticed it.

    It is not safe to invest your time in their games.

  • jan

    I've never ever seen such a bad platform for games, customer support or games that become totally p2w because of arc games. If you ever see the words "zen", "arc games" or "perfect world" turn around and start running. Nothing is worse then these... Well actually I don't know any words that can express the hate and disgust I feel for these people.

  • Bruce

    Neverwinter has many issues with it game .The game maker are just about money .Fix this game and add new story line not bullshit sword of chult what a blow job.We should spend our money and time somewhere esle .
    Again Fix your crap and give us our money worth.

  • john doe

    Pwi Fix the game base lock out not cool call pwi at 650-590-7700 Phone. or threw pwi arc go to support and hit ticket or live chat let them know your not happy with faction base hit unlike facebook and copy paste this on all social media