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Psyonix is an American independent game developer and publisher known for the critically-acclaimed space shooter Arc Squadron for mobile.

Official Site: Psyonix.com
Company Size: 50+ Employees
Region(s): United States
Year Founded: 2000
Phone Number: (919) 924-2356
Email: pr@psyonix.com

Psyonix was founded in 2000 by Dave Hagewood under the name Website Machines. The company started out as an internet and multimedia software company before entering the video game development market. They are currently based in San Diego, California and have been successfully working with industry-leading developers and publishers in bringing players some of the best titles in the gaming market. The company has gained recognition in the gaming industry as experts with the Unreal Engine technology, a popular engine used by many game developers as well as in multiplayer gaming. They utilize these expertise in developing most of their self-published games, as well as collaborating with other development studios in co-developing some of the most successful titles in the gaming market, including Gears of War, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Unreal Tournament III, Bullet Storm, Mass Effect, and Nosogth, the asymmetric vampire shooter from Square Enix. The company's games have been nominated for multiple categories in 2015 Game Awards, including Best Independent Game, Best Sports Game, and Best Multiplayer Game.

Client Games

Online Client (Download to play) developed by Psyonix:

Rocket League

PC Games

Offline PC Games Developed by Psyonix:

Vampire Hunter: The Dark Prophecy (cancelled)
Unreal Tournament 2004

Console Games

Console Games developed by Psyonix:

Monster Madness: Grave Danger
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars
Rocket League

Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Psyonix:

ARC Squadron (iOS)
ARC Squadron: Redux (Android/ iOS)

Contact Info

Psyonix Contact Information:

Email: pr@psyonix.com
Phone Number:
(919) 924-2356
Corporate Address: 
707 Broadway Ste 1600San Diego, California 92101-5378

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