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T3Fun is a subsidiary of T3 entertainment which develops and publishes MMO's together with HanbitSoft. HanbitSoft is the parent company of T3Fun and is a based in South Korea.

Official Site: T3Fun Homepage
Company Size: Small
Region(s): North America, Europe
Year Founded: 1999
Phone Number: 82.70.4050.8000
Email: hr@hanbitsoft.co.kr

T3Fun is the gaming site that T3 entertainment uses to launch their games to western audiences. T3 Entertainment was founded in 1999  and they became the major shareholder of HanbitSoft in 2008. HanbitSoft cemented itself in the Korean gaming industry early on by publishing major titles such as Starcraft. After T3 Entertainment became the major shareholder, both companies began to see a lot of success with 'Audition Online', which was originally published by Nexon in 2007, but since its closure, T3Fun picked up the service through its Redbana subsidiary. MMOs on the T3Fun portal are generally available world-wide with no IP restrictions.

Client Games

Client Games (Download to play) From T3Fun currently in service:

Football Club Manager
Granada Espado

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) from T3Fun currently in service:

Mobile Games

Mobile Games from T3Fun currently in service:

Upcoming Games

Games coming soon from T3Fun:


Retired Games

Games no longer published by T3Fun. Some of these are available through other publishers.

Contact Information

T3Fun Contact Information

Email: hr@hanbitsoft.co.kr
Phone Number: 82.70.4050.8000

Useful Links
T3Fun Homepage