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Travian Games

Travian Games is a Munich-based game company known for developing and publishing some of the world’s leading browser-based online games.

Official Site: Traviangames.com
Company Size: 200+ employees
Region(s): Germany (HQ), Global
Year Founded: 2005
Phone Number:+49-089-324915-0
Email: mail@Traviangames.com

Travian Games was founded by Gerhard Müller and his brother Siegfried Müller in July 2005 following the success of Gerhard’s first browser-based game, Travian which remains the company's main sales driver more than a decade since it was released. Travian Games is considered as one of the greatest German success stories. The Munich-based company started out with only four employees but in just a few years, has quickly grown into a company employing more than 200 employees with over 150,000,000 registered users as of 2014. Since the company was founded Travian Games has published several well-known MMO browser games such as Travians, Imperion, and Goalunited and has also acquired several development studios, including TG Nord, northworks, and Steroid Interactive. In January 2012, the company acquired majority stakes in Bright Future, a Cologne-based development studio responsible for EA Sports Football Manager, their biggest addition to date.

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download)developed by Travian Games:

Rail Nation
United GP
Truck Nation
Pyramid Raid

Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Travian Games:


Contact Info

Travian Games Contact Information

Email: mail@traviangames.com
Phone Number (Germany): +49-089-324915-0
Corporate Address: Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Str. 22, 80807 Munich, Germany

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