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Ymir Entertainment

Ymir Entertainment is a Korean online game developer and publisher and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Webzen Inc.

Official Site: Ymirgames.com
Company Size: 50+ Employees
Region(s): Korea
Year Founded: 1999
Phone Number: +82-31-627-6550
Email: support1@ymirgames.com

Ymir Entertainment was founded in 1999 in Seoul, Korea and is currently headed by Byoung Gwan Kim as CEO. The company started developing its first 2D online game Metin the same year it was founded. The game was commercially launched in Korea a year later and received a prize from the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication in December of the same year. Following the success of their flagship game Ymir Entertainment immediately started work on the game’s sequel Metin 2, which went into Closed Beta in Korea in May 2014. The game was officially launched in Korea and China in March 2005 before being launched in Asia, Europe and North America in the years that followed. In January 2011 all of the company’s shares were bought by Webzen Inc., a Korean game giant known for their popular MMORPG, MU Online. The company was also awarded Gameforge’s Global Best Partner of the Year in 2011.

Client Games

Online Client Games (Download to play) developed by Ymir Entertainment:

Metin 2

Browser Games

Browser Based Games (No download) developed by Ymir Entertainment:


Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Ymir Entertainment:


Contact Info

Ymir Entertainment Contact Information:

Email: support1@ymirgames.com
Phone Number: +82-31-627-6550
Fax Number: +82-31-627-6768
Corporate Address:
PDCC B-5F 624, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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