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Age Of Heroes VR

Age Of Heroes VR is virtual reality RPG in which players choose one of three classes and roam through dungeons, defeating bosses by casting spells using motion controls. Raid solo or in a group of up to five players, scavenging loot to increase your character's powers.

Publisher: Omnigames
Playerbase: Low
Type: RPG
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Pros: +In-game VOIP. +Uses motion controls for abilities. +Cross-platform.
Cons: -Not quite an MMORPG. -Only 3 classes. -Little content.

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Age Of Heroes VR Overview

Age of Heroes VR is a virtual reality RPG that sends players through treacherous dungeons to defeat bosses and obtain new gear. Choose one of three classes: Mage, Warlock, or Archer, and cast abilities using motion controls. Dodge out of the way of enemy attacks by moving your body. All players have full in-game avatars that react to other players' actions. Gallivant through dungeons either solo or in a party of up to five players. Defeat epic bosses that require teamwork, coordination, and skill. Obtain new gear to outfit your character and enhance their abilities. Age of Heroes is developed for HTC Vive but also supports PSVR and Oculus Rift, and players can form parties with players from all platforms so they never have to venture alone.

Age Of Heroes VR Key Features:

  • Three Classses - play as either a Warlock, Mage, or Archer, wielding abilities using motion controls.
  • Cross-platform - play using the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PSVR, and create parties of players from all three platforms.
  • Built-in VOIP - communicate with your allies through in-game voice chat to tactically take down enemies.
  • Party Play - traverse dangerous dungeons alone or form a party with up to five players and tackle bosses together.
  • WoW Inspired - Age of Heroes is inspired by the development team's passion for World of Warcraft.

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Age Of Heroes VR Links

Age of Heroes Steam Page [NA]
Age of Heroes Steam Greenlight Page
Age of Heroes Developer's Website [Omnigames]

System Requirements

Age Of Heroes VR System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 10 (64-Bit Required)
CPU: Intel Core i5-4950 @ 3.3 GHz / AMD FX 8300 @ 3.3 Ghz
Video Card: GeForce GTX 980 / Radeon RX 480
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB available space

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 10 (64-Bit Required)
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4 GHz / AMD A10-7870k @ 3.9 GHz
Video Card: GeForce GTX 1070 / Radeon R9 Fury X
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB available space


Age Of Heroes VR Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Age Of Heroes VR Additional Information

Developer: Omnigames
Publisher: Omnigames

Steam Greenlight: January 06, 2017
Release Date: July 20, 2017

Development History / Background:

Age of Heroes VR is developed and published by Chinese game studio Omnigames, and falls under the Omnescape brand. The virtual reality title was posted on Steam Greenlight on January 06, 2017 and subsequently approved. Age of Heroes launched on Steam on July 20, 2017. The game requires an HTC Vive / Oculus Rift to play.