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Asda Global

Asda Global, previously known as Asda 2, is a 3D anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG and is the successor to the original Asda Story. Explore the world of Asda, starting in the capital city of Alpen. Choose from one of eight playable classes and experiment with the game's varied character customization options.

Publisher: GamenGame
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: May 19, 2011 (NA/EU)
PvP: Duels / Faction Wars / Battlefields
Pros: +Good variety of classes. +Great character customization. +Good soulmate system. +Item-socketing system.
Cons: -Repetitive gameplay.



Asda Global Overview

Journey to the mythical world of warring gods and factions in Asda Global, the sequel to the acclaimed Asda Story. The fragile truce between Light and Dark factions has been broken and the once peaceful land of Asda is once again plunged into chaos. Answer the call-to-arms and fight for your chosen side in fast-paced PvP duels, or join your brothers-in-arms in large-scale faction wars. Choose from eight unique, anime-inspired playable classes, complete quests with your soulmate, and summon a variety of pets to aid you in your quest to become a Royal Knight and help save the world from utter destruction.

Asda Global Key Features:

  • Variety of Classes – choose from eight distinct classes and tailor your character to your playstyle.
  • Customize Your Gear – hundreds of weapons, armor, and accessories available, with the options of socketing and upgrading.
  • Asda's Next Top Model – become the fashionista of the Asda world and earn that top spot for being the best dressed!
  • Are You My Soulmate? – experience a great soulmate system, where becoming partners isn't just for show. Reap actual in-game benefits.
  • Dig, Dig, Dig an interesting aspect of the game is digging for treasure. Get gems, crafting materials, and other rewards.

Asda Global Screenshots

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Asda Global Classes

  • Swordsman – using one-handed swords allows this class to equip shields in their off-hand, giving them the greatest defense of all classes. Their ability to use skills to quickly close the distance or to provoke the enemy makes them the perfect tank.
  • Bladesman – equipped with large two-handed swords, this class has slower attack speed but can deal damage to multiple enemies at once. They can use skills to reflect damage or throw grenades to deal additional damage to enemies. They are suited to the role of secondary tank.
  • Spearman – this warrior class is adept at using the spear, along with stealth and speed, to deal multiple critical attacks to enemies. They excel in one-on-one combat and are the main damage dealers in a party. They are also a mage’s worst enemy.
  • Shooter – although lacking in attack speed, this class is proficient in quickly taking out single targets from afar using powerful crossbows. They have the highest burst damage capability of all the classes and can use magic deflecting and silencing skills.
  • Trapper – this class uses the bow to inflict strong, steady damage as well as traps to eliminate enemies before they even come close. Their ranged attacks and traps, along with skills that ignore defense and make enemies bleed out, make them the perfect weapons against warriors.
  • Magician – adept at using fire and dark magic, this class has the ability to burn and curse enemies. They also employ a variety of area attack spells that can come in handy against hordes of enemies.
  • Acolyte – this mage class specializes in using light spells to heal friends and climate-based spells to deal damage to enemies. As the only healing class in the game, they are an indispensable member of any party.
  • Mystic – mystics skillfully manipulate the powers of earth and water to help out party members. They can cast a variety of support spells like protective shields and ability buffs. They also have the ability to cast mass stun and freeze spells.

Full Review

Asda Global Review

By Marc Marasigan

Asda Global is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by MaxOn Soft and published by Game Campus. The game entered its Open Beta phase on May 19, 2011. It is a sequel to Asda Story and proceeds the events from the game. The game features anime-inspired 3D graphics similar to Ragnarok Online 2, Rose Online, and Flyff.

Choose Your Hero

Before entering the Asda Global game world, players first need to create characters. They are allowed to create up to three characters in total. Aside from choosing your hero’s gender, there are also a variety of options for hair style, hair color, face type, and eye color to choose from. Though not as in-depth as some games, customization in Asda Global is a bit more varied than average. Everyone starts off as a Novice with the same stats. Players are given the chance to pick from one of the eight playable classes through a quest once they hit Level 10. They can pick from three main classes, divided into areas of specialization. The main classes are warrior, archer, and mage. These classes are further subdivided by the type of weapon they use and their play style. Choose to play as a warrior and specialize in one-handed swords, two-handed swords, or spears. The archer class branches out into the crossbow. The mage class is divided into attack, healing, and support classes.

After creating a character, players are transported to Alpen, the capital of the Asda Empire, where a quick tutorial on character and camera movement is offered. Veteran players can choose not to go through the tutorial with a simple click of a button.

The Asda Global world has a cartoony feel overall, which is only enhanced by the bubbly background music and special effects. Vast areas are populated by unique monsters that, often times, don’t seem menacing at all. One thing I noticed is that the game’s graphics seem to have been optimized for lower resolutions. Playing the game in high resolutions results in jagged textures that are barely noticeable but still worth mentioning.

The Quest Begins

In their quest to become a Royal Knight and save the world from destruction, players need to complete quests and chain quests similar to other RPGs. Quests are given by NPCs all around the Asda Empire and range from simply speaking to other NPCs and gathering items, to more tedious tasks like hunting a set number of monsters or eliminating powerful bosses. The quests reward players with gold, equipment, and much needed experience points while revealing hints of the troubles plaguing the empire. The bulk of experience points earned in the game come from quests, making quests your bread and butter during your journey through the Asda Empire. One tip is to gather all the quests in town before heading out to save yourself the trouble of going back and forth. Like most MMORPGs, quests are set up in a linear fashion and will have you traversing the Asda world from one town to the next.

When players get tired of completing quests, they can pick up a shovel and dig for buried treasure. Randomly digging around can reward players with rare items, gems, or crafting materials. Alternatively, players can also go fishing in designated ponds across the realm. Fish can be used by themselves to replenish HP and MP or can be used as ingredients in recipes.

Got Skills?

Asda Global makes use of the classic skill system instead of the more modern skill tree. Players are given skill points every time they level up, which they can use to learn or upgrade their skills. Players are given a limited number of skill points, not to mention limited hotkey space, so choosing the right skills for your eventual role in the party is important.

Customize, Customize, Customize

Asda Global brings character customization to a whole new level with hundreds, if not thousands, of in-game weapons, gear, costumes, and accessories. An alternative way to obtain equipment is by crafting them. Crafting is also a good way to earn extra gold. Basic recipes can be purchased from the Craft Shop or Fishing Shop, while others can be looted from monsters. Recipes require players to be at a certain crafting level to be used. Players are also given limited recipe space, so picking the right ones to keep is important.

Asda Global features equipment customization at its finest. Players can make equipment stronger by upgrading them, socketing them with Sowels, or by changing existing bonuses on looted equipment. These can be done through various NPCs found in all towns. Sowels can be obtained the same way as equipment, from monsters, quests, NPCs, the Item Mall, or by digging. Once inserted into equipment, Sowels can only be removed by purchasing a Sowel Removal Tool from the Item Mall.

Asda’s Next Top Model

Asda Global players can unleash their inner fashionistas by having their characters run around and kill monsters in cute anime-inspired costumes, or avatars. Mix and match costumes and accessories to get that chic and trendy look. These adorable avatars can be worn on top of regular armor and aren’t merely eye candy, they can also be socketed with runes to add additional, although slightly lower, stat bonuses on top of equipment bonuses. Costumes can be obtained as rewards for leveling up, by participating in game events, or through the item mall.

In addition to equipment and costumes, players can also collect and summon a variety of pets to help them in battle. Pets have different level requirements, stats, and need different kinds of food. Pet eggs can be difficult to come by and needs an incubator to hatch. Incubators can be bought from the Pet NPC in town and can be quite expensive, especially considering that some eggs tend to be duds and not hatch at all.

Soulmates for Life

Asda Global features a soulmate system that, unlike other MMOs, isn’t merely for show. Soulmates immediately become more powerful just by being together. They also share experience points and gain special perks and abilities depending on their soulmate level. Players can summon their partners or teleport to their location at higher levels. They can instantly heal their soulmates or bring them back to life when things get ugly. The soulmate system is account wide and applies to all of your characters whatever the gender.

Fight For the Light!.... or Dark.

As a faction-based game, PvP is a big part of Asda Global. Players can test their might against other players as early as Level 1 through the dueling system. They can also settle old scores with rivals through team matches or join regularly held large-scale faction wars where tons of experience points and honor points are up for grabs. Honor points collected can be used to purchase powerful PvP equipment, that can help turn the tide in future battles.

Final Verdict – Fair

Asda Global more than makes up for its clichéd gameplay and storyline with its vast array of features. The almost endless customization options and the ability to create specialized equipment for your character is exceptional. Hardcore players will have hours and hours of fun, as well as a few moments of frustration, trying to get the perfect gear crafted for their characters. Cute costumes and adorable characters only makes the game that much more endearing. Anime fans and fans of classic MMORPGs like Ragnarok Online and Rose Online should definitely give this one a shot. Still, despite its positives, Asda Global doesn't bring anything unique to the table.


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Asda Global Links

Asda Global Official Site
Asda Global Wikia [Database / Guides]

System Requirements

Asda Global System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
Video Card: GeForce FX 5200 / ATI Radeon X300
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Pentium 4 3 GHz or better
Video Card: GeForce 8600GT / ATI Radeon 260XT
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB


Asda Global Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Asda Global Additional Information

Developer: Maxonsoft
Closed Beta Date: May 5, 2011
Open Beta Date: May 19, 2011

Development Background

Asda Global, or Asda Story 2, is 3D anime MMORPG developed by Korean-based Maxonsoft. The game is a sequel to the original Asda Story game, which was shut down on August 1, 2011. Asda Global launched through GamesCampus for North American and European users on May 19, 2011 and shut down on July 15, 2015. GamesCampus shut the game down due to a lack of developer support. Luckily, the game's developer, Maxonsoft, relaunched the game through GamenGame as "Asda Global."