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Rose Online

ROSE Online was a fantasy MMORPG with anime inspired graphics where players travel between planets to protect them from Hebarn, the god of malice. Fighting in the name of Arua, the goddess that created the planets, players will gain powerful abilities as they grow stronger, fighting off Hebarn’s forces across the worlds.

Publisher: WarpPortal (Gravity)
Release Date: December 1, 2005
Shut Down: February 11, 2019
PvP: Open World
Pros: +Large game world with 7 planets (Not all out yet). +Beginner friendly. +High level cap (230+).
Cons: -Extremely grindy gameplay. -Pay to win elements. -Tiny playerbase.


Rose Online Overview

In ROSE Online, players must take up the role of Visitors, champions of the goddess Arua, and fight to protect the planets from the evil of Hebarn. Along the way, players will fight a variety of monsters, travel to different planets, and complete dozens of quests. Rose was developed by Gravity Interactive - the same Gravity behind the enormously popular Ragnarok Online MMORPG.

Rose Online Key Features:

  • High Level Cap - Plenty of quests on the road to the level cap of 230+. Control character growth by controlling stat points distribution.
  • 4 Playable Classes - Start as a classless "Visitor" and choose your class at level 10 (Dealers, Hawkers, Muses, Soldiers) with 2 job advancements available at level 100 per class.
  • Numerous ways to Travel - Carts, mounts, castle gears, and flying vessels make travel easy and interesting.
  • Cosmetics Galore - Good variety of appearance customization items. Look like a Jelly Bean or even a mech!
  • Play with others - Receive significant bonus experience for partying with others.

Rose Online Screenshots

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Rose Online Classes

There are five classes (counting visitor) available in ROSE Online:

Visitors are what players start ROSE Online with. They are spirits sent by Arua to the world of Junon to defeat the Devil Pest disease sent by Hebarn. Visitors have a few starting skills, and are able to use any non-class specific weapons. At level 10, Visitors can choose to specialize in one of four classes.

Dealers are the backbone of ROSE Online’s economy, able to craft a wide variety of equipment. Their skills allow them to hold more items, and even get discounts from NPCs. In battle, Dealers use guns and launchers to attack from a safe distance. At level 100, Dealers can specialize as either Bourgeois or Artisans.

Hawkers are both the Rogue and Hunter class for ROSE Online. They specialize in quick movements and agility, and have high Dodge Rates. They can specialize in bows and crossbows, or katars and dual swords. At level 100, Hawkers can specialize as either Raiders or Scouts.

Muses are the magic using class in ROSE Online. They have skills for dealing magic damage, as well as party buffs and healing abilities. They use wands or staffs, and can specialize as a damage-dealing or healing class. At level 100, Muses can specialize as either Mages or Clerics.

Soldiers are the front-line fighters. They have access to the largest variety of weapons, able to use one and two-handed swords, one-handed blunt weapons, spears, and axes. Soldiers are melee specialists, boasting incredible strength. At level 100, Soldiers can specialize as either Knights or Champions.

Full Review

Rose Online Review

By, Dimitri Jordan

Rush On Seven Episodes Online, commonly stylized and shortened as ROSE Online, is a Fantasy MMORPG initially developed by Triggersoft, and is currently developed and published in North American and Europe by Gravity Interactive, Inc. It was released on December 1st, 2005. In ROSE Online, players are called Visitors, guardians of Arua who are sent to protect Junon and the other planets from the evil god Hebarn, who has taken an entire planet and renamed it after himself. Visually, Rose Online looks a bit like Ragnarok Online 2, except with worse graphics (Rose was released in 2005. RO2 was 2013).

Starting Up

When first starting the game, players create their character by choosing their name, gender, face, hair, and hair color. Aside from these options, character customization is entirely done through equipment and costumes, though there is some room for stat and skill customizations.

The controls for ROSE Online mirror many other MMORPGs. Movement is most easily managed by left-clicking, though the arrow keys can also be used for movement. Like many Asian-market MMORPGs, the keyboard shortcuts are not as efficient on American keyboards. Skills are assigned to F1-F12, and most players will need to press the “fn” key before selecting an F key (if they're on a laptop). Alternatively, players can right-click skills to activate them. Aspects like inventory or the character window are opened by pressing Alt and the appropriate key.

The First Few Levels

Beginning ROSE Online will be a familiar experience to those who have played other MMORPGs. When players enter the world, they begin near an NPC that gives them a quest that teaches them to interact in the game world. Quickly, players will learn to attack enemies, interact with NPCs, use equipment and consumables, and use skills. Players will also learn to assign stat points and skill points, which are gained every level. As players invest in stats, the point requirement will increase. For example, raising Strength from 4 to 5 may take 4 stat points, but raising it from 11 to 12 may take 8 stat points. Most skills require only one skill point to be unlocked, and further skill points added will increase the skill’s effect. Some skills require 2 or 3 skill points to be unlocked.

Players will need to invest in their skills and stats wisely. Classes rely on one base stat point for dealing damage, but may need additional stats to create an even build. For example, while a Soldier needs strength to deal damage, not increasing their concentration may result in a lot of missed attacks against higher level mobs. Likewise, players should pick skills that match their build. A Hawker that specializes in using a bow should not waste points on katar or dual sword skills to maximize their bow concentration.


The gameplay in ROSE Online varies between engaging and mediocre. The general fantasy atmosphere, the grinding mobs and quest hubs, and PvP are all seen in nearly every other MMORPG. However, the lore and story of ROSE Online goes a long way, and nearly every aspect of gameplay, from PvP to carts and Castle Gears, is explained as part of the story and history of ROSE Online.

The combination of science fiction and magic is reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy, and it is refreshing to see a game that doesn’t abandon all pretenses of story and world building as soon as players begin.

The grinding can become extremely tedious. While many games feature a longer class progression, ROSE Online only has class advancement at level 10 and 100, leaving the those 90 levels between, and 130 levels after 100, lacking a strong sense of progression. However, for those who prefer the grinding and emphasis on working in a party (Which grants all members bonus experience, and can be as much as 10 times faster), ROSE Online is a solid choice.

There are tons of skills, and specializing in a certain branch leaves two players of the same class able to have different abilities and a completely different playstyle. Those Hawkers that concentrate on bow skills would complement those who focus on katar skills, and a player that does both can play a variable role in a party.

The PvP is solid, but stale. There is not as much emphasis on end game PvP as many other MMORPGs, but with a level cap of 230 there is a lot to experience before the end game content. Further, unlike games that attempt massive-scale PvP, ROSE Online’s moderately sized playerbase often fills PvP modes.


The PvP in ROSE Online is present, but not as competitive as many other MMORPGs. There are clan fields, the training ground, and PvP zones. There are also 3 PvP game zones.

Clan fields can only be accessed by players within in a clan. In these fields, players are unable to PvP with clan members, and are considered enemies by any player in another clan. In addition to other players, clan fields spawn monsters of various levels. There are two clan fields; the Junon Clan Field and the Luna Clan Field.

In the training ground, players are free to openly engage in PvP with other players. Players can also enter as a clan to battle other players.

There are also two PvP zones. In the Desert of the Dead and Sikuku Ruins maps, players are free to attack other players. These zones also have monsters, and NPCs that give out quest lines. These are the only two zones where players can engage in PvP and PvE gameplay.

Finally, there are 3 PvP game zones that become available at level 100: Draconis Peaks, Crystal Defenders, and Akram Arena.

In Draconis Peaks, players have to capture opposing team’s Dragon Eggs, while also slaying their dragon. The first team to capture all of the Dragon Eggs, or to have the most points when the time limit it up, wins.

In Crystal Defenders, teams are randomly chosen to play either attackers or defenders. Defenders must guard crystals that spawn in one of three locations. Once attackers destroy the crystal, it will respawn in one of the two other locations. Destroying the crystal again will spawn it in the last remaining space. If the attackers destroy the crystal three times, they win, while the defenders win if they can prevent the crystals from being destroyed within the time limit.

Akram Arena is very similar to Crystal Defenders. The attacking team must destroy one of the two Sunrise crystals that are being guarded. If they manage to destroy one, a Sunset crystal spawns in the center of the map. Destroying this crystal earns the attacking team a win. At any time, the defending team may destroy the Dusk crystal, located in the attacking team’s base, which teleports the attacking team back to their base.

Engaging in these three PvP games earns the player Honor points, which can then be used to buy PvP equipment and weapons, skills, and items.

Cash Shop

The Cash Shop in ROSE Online leaves a lot of room for the “pay-to-win” players. There are weapons that increase in damage as players level, or armor with large increases in a player’s attack power or stats. There is also an entire list of skills for each class that raises weapon attack power and speed, allowing paying players to be disproportionately stronger that other players. Players can also pay a monthly fee to be premium members, receiving 30% more experience and a 50% better drop rate. All of this combined would make a paying player nearly untouchable to non-paying players. Though the game does not have a large focus on PvP, players that do engage in PvP would find themselves easily outclassed by those willing to spend money on the game.

Private Servers Galore

For those looking for a more customized experience, Rose Online has a large private server scene. For some reason, certain games (think Mu Online, Knight Online, EverQuest) thrive on private servers and Rose is one of them. Rose used to be pay to play with a subscription, so a free to play private server used to be appealing at one point, but now that the official servers are free to play (as of 2008), there's less reason to venture away from them. Still, those looking for higher rates and other goodies can check out the many Rose Online private servers out there.

Final Verdict – Good

ROSE Online is not a highly innovative game, but sometimes that’s okay. What it does, it often does well, and the graphics, while dated, hold up very well for a game that’s over a decade old. The possible pay-to-win scenarios that arise from the Cash Shop selling skills and equipment may be a turn-off to many players, but because ROSE Online is not a hardcore PvP game, it will rarely impact a player’s enjoyment. The emphasis on leveling in parties is a fun, relaxing way of engaging with other people, so social players should definitely look into ROSE Online. It also features a rich, thorough backstory and lore, so for those who are looking for a little more depth in their MMO, ROSE Online has a lot to offer.


Rose Online Screenshots


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System Requirements

Rose Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
CPU: Pentium 4 2 GHz+
Video Card: GeForce 2 MX 400 / Radeon 7000+
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
CPU: Pentium 4 2.5 GHz+
Video Card: GeForce 2 MX 400 / Radeon 7000+
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB

Rose Online was released back in 2005. It should run well on practically any modern system.


Rose Online Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Rose Online Additional Information

Developer: TriggerSoft / Gravity Interactive
Game Engine: ZnZin Engine

Release date (NA/EU): December 1, 2005

Foreign Release:

South Korea: July 7, 2005

Shut Down: February 11, 2019

Development History / Background:

Rose Online was originally developed by the South Korean game developer Triggersoft using the ZnZin game engine. TriggerSoft originally made Rose Online, but the developer was acquired by Gravity Corporation in 2005. Rose Online features a vibrant private server community with varying degrees of custom content and experience rates. Rose originally launched as a pay to play game with a subscription but went free to play in 2008. Gravity shut down the official service on February 11, 2019, but there are still a number of private servers active for Rose Online.