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Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is a fantasy MMO where players take part in an evolving game world: help a rural village grow into a metropolis, fight in large-scale PvP wars, and establish a strong network of trade for valuable resources.

Publisher: Intrepid Studios
Playerbase: TBD
Type: MMO
Release Date: TBA
Pros: +Large open world with PvP. -Unique ideas.
Cons: -Limited information available.


Ashes of Creation Overview

Behold the large open world of Ashes of Creation, a fantasy MMO where players shape and influence history. Create a character from one of four races, each with two unique sub-races. Enter an open world that is constantly growing as it is created by players (outside of the starting cities and areas). Purchase plots of land and bear witness to villages rising into grand city hubs. Arrange trade routes, protecting caravans or be one of the brigands looting said caravans. Pave whatever path you desire, gathering necessary resources to create anything from a homely smithy to a menacing fortress. Master the mechanics of combat in a mostly open-world PvP game, with a karma system for PKers. Start a guild or join one to make new friends and engage in large-scale siege battles over territory. Acquire a pet, move faster on mounts, and get married to another player.

Ashes of Creation Key Features:

  • Player-Created World – be a part of a large game world that is mostly created and influenced by players.
  • Character Creation – ~8 planned classes and 8 races with in-depth customization.
  • Landownership – own a plot of land and do whatever you want with it, from making it a simple farm to creating a bustling town.
  • Large-Scale PvP – not only is most of the world open PvP, but it also includes large-scale warfare tied into the guild system.

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Ashes of Creation Review

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Ashes of Creation Screenshots


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Ashes of Creation Links

Ashes of Creation Official Site
Ashes of Creation Forums [Official]
Ashes of Creation Facebook Page
Ashes of Creation Reddit
Ashes of Creation Kickstarter [Not Yet Available]

System Requirements

Ashes of Creation: MMO System Requirements

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher

Official system requirements have not yet been released for Ashes of Creation. The requirements above our based on our experience and will be updated when official numbers become available.


Ashes of Creation Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Ashes of Creation Additional Information

Developer(s): Intrepid Studios
Publisher(s): Intrepid Studios

Game Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform(s): PC

Release Date: TBA

Development History / Background:

Ashes of Creation is a subscription-based fantasy MMO developed and published by Intrepid Studios, a gaming company based in California formed in 2015. The game is built on the Unreal Engine for the PC platform.

  • Clinton Byrne

    Correction there is 8 playable classes, and you cannot have children

    • Correction, there are 0 playable classes - the game isn't even remotely playable yet.

      • Clinton Byrne

        still spreading inaccurate information isnt helpful to anyone.

  • Zerekos

    also correction, the creators announced 8 races and 8 class archetypes, all of which can be combined with a secondary, so there are actually 64 classes "technically"

  • E-Sol

    Whenever I see "Open/World PvP" get added into any context it mean this game is doom IMO, well then again, what DO I know right? What ppl don't learn from Lineage 2 or the FACT ppl in general go online to play to make friends and NOT trying to kill them. FOR obvious reason the one does WILL ruin others who don't and that is why PvP = useless JUNK IMO, not to say I don't go into pvp but if I have a choice I would toss it for good, its an unnecessary thing. IMO PvE vs PvP the ratio = 80/20% and 20 at best but at the end of the day most ppl will be on PvE server only and of course, unless the game is by design as such Moba, Dota, FPS, etc etc.

    I thought this game was looking promising, until I saw open what junk as main feature on this site? "Most world open pvp" as if just one isn't already one too many IMO, well if developer does goes open pvp everywhere I'll be happy watching it burn and it will I have seen and felt the impact on games who dare to put open pvp junk in mmorpg games = failure, unless this game is all pvp end game = still a doom idea. Its proven it's next to impossible to balance gameplay with Class system are involved which at the end is a wasted effort IMO. Oooo joy another open world pvp game I will get to see how it catch on fire not that I WANT it that way in first place mind you, after all this is just matter of my opinions.

    • Double H

      Well... World of Warcraft is an open world game and the pvp servers are still thriving, so I think it's safe to say that it must be something else killing these other MMO's.

      • Acrosbliao X

        Usually its the developers or companies behind these games. Open world pvp is all I ever wanted in a mmorpg. I never played WOW. Personally I dislike the lore and art especially. I even prefer GW2 lore above WOW. ESO even more. Wow is just to over the top fantasy and the characters and world I cannot get to like it. Just my personal taste unfortunately. Anyways these days I play mmorpgs based on their developing companies..

    • SuperMoist

      I Play World of Warcraft myself, have for 10 years. Been playing on a PvP server since the start.
      PvP players do tend to get skill faster due to the fact that you are pinned against another person...
      Something no game has been able to do, is mimic real life choices. There is always the PvE option for those that are a bit slow at learning. That is the real reason for PvE and PvP servers. You always end up getting ganked... If it's really that bad, move to PvE servers you idget!

    • Acrosbliao X

      Feels exactly the opposite about PVP and PVE. PVP is what keeps most mmorpg's alive. Sure arena pvp is nice but nothing beats the feeling of wandering in a sandbox game / world while you know anyone can attack you. I played AOW just for PVP. I log in just to walk through towns waiting for people to jump me. Then 4 hours later still busy with those fights.

      The problem open world pvp brings is a ganking problem and a p2w/grinding aspect since usually your stats depend a lot on your gear ect. The nice thing about this is you develop your own build and stats but the guy that gets to play 20 hours a day compared to my 2 hours a day have the upper hand. Also Ping. PVP must be playable at 200-300ms ping else half the world can't join.

  • Mikel Blake Wild

    Good devs??? dx 12??? =)

  • ivan_

    I just saw a trailer for Ashes of Creation on my facebook feed, and after seeing so many similar trailers, I was inspired to leave a comment on my favourite MMOs discussion site...

    so here is the thing. game looks amazing graphically. but surprise surprise, it's built on UE4: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/showcase/powered-by-ue4-intrepid-studios-is-bringing-ashes-of-creation-to-life.

    I love UE4. It is amazing and has moved the PC gaming industry forward, more than any single game or series in the past few years. But now we have the issue of UE4 being used to carry games. Look at games like Paragon, which is the most "empty" MOBA in the market right now. They played all their cards right (no pun intended), used
    the trendy card system, used trendy MOBA mechanics, even did good marketing for awhile. Graphically, Paragon is superior to its competitors, but gameplay-wise it can only look up to its older brother SMITE (fingers crossed Paragon actually lives long enough to reach where SMITE has).

    As for other games, there is so much pre-release footage being shown, but it begs the question whether it's based on what the devs have actually made than what the engine has done to pre-made assets. There was some news about a guy who made a Final Fantasy knockoff all on his own, but all he did was buy assets from the market and let the engine do most of the work. You can tell because if you look at "level design" videos on YouTube, people make the same stuff in a matter of hours. Was the solo-dev game a good game? Well let's just say there's been little news about the game since it became known (also fingers crossed that game actually comes to fruition, I can only hope). So another question we should ask these devs making "awesome graphics" MMOs... are they bought assets or actual original content? Either way, unless they have a game, all of these amazing-graphic games will just become the new Perfect World. They will be a dime-a-dozen in the near future. But that's probably the most fun part of MMOs... playing or waiting through all the Perfect World clones for the Vindictus, the Guild Wars, or even the Warframes in the world of MMOs.

  • Acrosbliao X

    I'm not wrong. It's just my opinion. I really dislike the colorful fantasy and over the top magic. Like I said back then I like GW2 's graphics but the lore is the last thing I like and frankly it just got to boring after one level 80 character. The S-pvp gets one dimensional quickly and WVW just lags too much. I prefer medieval or ancient wuxia lore. Age of Wushu, Moonlight blade. ESO I can do because the more realistic tone helps and I really liked skyrim but the pvp has not even pop up and I've played over 100 hours so that sucks. Even the Khajit, Aragonian and Elves look like humans in a way. WoW just does not appeal in no way to me. The graphics sucks and too much fantasy. Blade and Soul had a slice of what I liked but the Lynn characters screw up the whole thing. Also was a bit too fantasy like. A game like Black desert and Vindictus looks good but its unplayable in this country. Currently I do not even play MMO's anymore. I'm on Ark. Such an un-optimized game but so much more fun than any of the titles above. Mount & Blade Bannerlord and Mordhau is definately on my list to check out if theres dedicated servers. I think I'm just tired of all the MMO quest grinding. If I want quests and decent questing I'll finish The Witcher 3 or maybe get KCD if my PC could handle it.
    So in conclusion I would play a game either based on its gameplay/pvp reviews or the graphics or the lore. WoW does not appeal to me in any aspect unfortunately.
    On top of that I must consider ping. Min 180ms to EU and 350ms to US which is basically unplayable.

  • Jamie Martin

    $75 - $500 for a Beta? Are they having a laugh?