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Becoming Preta

Becoming Preta is a VR MMORPG where players can choose one of three characters to dominate the battlefield. Features include hardcore gameplay, cross-platform availability, and co-op raids.

Publisher: Illion
Playerbase: Low
Release Date: Q2 2016
Pros: +Cross-platform, available on PC, mobile devices, and consoles. +Hardcore gameplay. +Three different story lines, dependent on character.
Cons: -Poor English translations. -Limited information available.


Becoming Preta Overview

Becoming Preta is a virtual reality MMORPG developed and published by the Korean gaming company, Illion. It is one of the first free-to-play VR MMORPGs and is cross-platform, available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Players can choose from three different characters with unique abilities: an assassin in heels and armed with a deadly blade, a fierce warrior donning heavy armor, or a cute and eccentric mage girl. Each character has their own story progression and ending. Quests and puzzles are strewn throughout the game, along with difficult dungeons and raids that boast hardcore gameplay. Other features include a co-op option, combo-chaining in combat, and different maps.

Becoming Preta Key Features:

  • Cross-Platform – play Becoming Preta on a console, mobile device, or a PC with the ease of the cross-platform feature.
  • Hardcore Gameplay – be prepared for difficult bosses, who can one-shot you, as Becoming Preta will challenge and push players to the limits.
  • Quests and Puzzles, Oh My – battles and raids are not the only source of entertainment. Players will have to fulfill certain objectives and solve puzzles as well.
  • Choose Your Story – choose from three unique characters, each with their own  story and ending. Each character has special abilities and combat advantages.
  • Dive into Virtual Reality – Jump into the immersive experience of VR with Becoming Preta, as it is one of the first free-to-play MMORPGs that will be available on VR platforms.

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Becoming Preta Screenshots


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Becoming Preta Links

Becoming Preta Official Site
Becoming Preta Facebook Page [English]

System Requirements

Becoming Preta System Requirements

Minimum Requirements (Windows): 

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU: Core i7-930 Quad 2.80GHz / Phenom II X6 1055T
Video Card: GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870

Official system requirements have not yet been released for Becoming Preta. The requirements above our based on our experience and will be updated when official numbers become available. 


Becoming Preta Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Info

Becoming Preta Additional Information

Developer(s): Illion
Publisher(s): Illion

Anticipated Release Date: Q2 2016

Platform(s): PC, Mobile Devices, Consoles

Development History / Background:

Becoming Preta is a VR MMORPG developed and published by the Korean gaming company, Illion. Nexon Korea had previously announced that they would be publishing the game under the title called "Preta," but news of that previous version has been replaced with Illion's Becoming Preta. Becoming Preta will be a cross-platform VR game, available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.