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Dark Summoner

Dark Summoner is a card collecting social MMO that sends players to the dark fantasy world of Triaterra to take the role of Summoner, a powerful being able to summon powerful monsters to fight in combat. The game features over 400 monsters to collect, sacrifice, upgrade and evolve that can be added to a party for special bonuses.

Publisher: ATeam
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Mobile RPG
Release Date: February 1, 2012
Pros: +Great Artwork. +Lots of monsters to collect.
Cons: -Pay to win elements. -Cluttered UI. -Repetitive gameplay.

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Dark Summoner Overview

Dark Summoner is a mobile card-collecting social MMO available on iOS and Android. The game centers around monster collection and strategic party composition, offering bonuses to parties composed of specific monster types, making it important to experiment with different formations and leaders. It offers all of the typical features of mobile card collecting games such as Puzzle & Dragons, including a system that allows players to sacrifice weak monsters to level up their more powerful ones and eventually evolve them into entirely new monsters. Its Mission system sets it apart from other card collecting MMOs, allowing players to level up just by clicking “Go to” on missions, instantly receiving experience and loot making it easy to level up. Battles between NPCs and players only happen as boss battles or in the PvP arena and are fully automated, making it rather easy to play the game in short bursts of time. Due to its casual battle system, most of the game’s depth comes from its monster collection and party creation.

Dark Summoner Key Features:

  • Over 500 Monsters to Collect – Battle through the game’s Missions and Raid Battles to acquire monsters to power up your team and rise to the top in the Arena.
  • Raid Bosses – Team up with friends to fight against legendary Raid Bosses to force them into joining your team.
  • High-Quality Artwork – Weak and strong monsters alike feature awesome artwork created by famous Japanese artists.
  • Join a Clan – Join with other players to share tips and cooperate in raid battles, helping each other rise to the top, and fight together in Clan League to combine monsters into Sentinels.
  • Fight in the Arena – Get matched against other players in the arena and test your monster formation, with awesome rewards available to those who win.

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Dark Summoner Featured Video

Dark Summoner's Game Trailer - Full version

Full Review

Dark Summoner Review

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Dark Summoner Screenshots


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System Requirements

Dark Summoner System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Android 2.2 and later, iOS 5.1.1 or later


Dark Summoner Music & Soundtrack

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Additional Information

Dark Summoner Additional Information

Developer: Ateam Inc.
Platforms: iOS, Android

Release Date: February 1, 2012

Dark Summoner is developed and published worldwide by Ateam Inc., a Nagoya, Japan based mobile game developer. The game has been downloaded worldwide over 7.5 million times, and has been available worldwide since 2012. Ateam Inc. was founded years earlier in 2000 operating mobile phone websites, eventually releasing their first game, Eternal Zone, in 2006. They have since released multiple games for smartphones including War of Legions and Dark Rebirth. Dark Summoner is their most popular game, and is continually updated with new events and content to keep players interested.


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